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The Complete Guide to Instagram Scheduling (Stories, Posts, Reels and more!)

In today’s guide, we’ll walk you through how to schedule Instagram posts, optimize your calendar to successful posting times and analyze your results.

Posted 1 month ago

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Julia Cohen
Posted 1 month ago
Whether you’re a business or a Creator, scheduling your Instagram content can help improve your profile performance. When you plan your Instagram posts in advance, you don’t have to constantly be worrying about whether or not you’re posting at the right time, if you posted at all, or how much content you have left before you have to create a new batch. In today’s guide, we’re going to walk you through how you can schedule your Instagram posts, optimize your calendar to your most successful posting times and analyze your results – all in one! Let’s go.

The Complete Guide to Instagram Scheduling

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  1. The Complete Guide to Instagram Scheduling

How do you schedule Instagram posts? 🤔

There are two different ways you can schedule posts for Instagram – either by using a third-party automation tool, like Flick or by using Facebook’s own desktop scheduler, which should be linked to your Facebook page and Instagram account.
Within these two options, there are also two different ways to schedule: auto-posting and push notification posting. A post can be set to go live at a specific time, without you having to manually post anything (auto-posting), or you can be reminded via notification to publish a post (push notification posting).
💡 QUICK TIP: You currently cannot auto-post certain types of content including Reels.

Can you schedule Instagram Stories and Reels? 📹

Yes, you can schedule both Stories and Reels, but they will not be able to auto-post to your account. You’ll have to manually post them when they are ready to go live, via a push notification from your selected scheduling tool.
Yes! You can schedule and auto-schedule an Instagram carousel using Flick!

Your guide to the different ways you can schedule Instagram posts

In this section, we will offer you a guide on different ways to schedule Instagram posts, using both Flick and Facebook.

How to schedule Instagram posts using Flick ✅

To schedule a post using Flick, you’ll need to have your Facebook account connected to the app (if you’re already subscribed, this should be the case anyway!).
You can then navigate to the post scheduler, where you should see a blank calendar, just asking for content to be scheduled into it.
schedule instagram posts guide
You can view the calendar by week or by month, and you are also able to drag and drop media to create a library of content to choose from. Once you’ve scheduled a post, you can filter by ‘used’ and ‘unused’ content, in case you happen to be a little forgetful.
Within the scheduler, to create a post, just navigate to the calendar and tap ‘New Post’. You can also just drag a piece of content from the library into the calendar where you’d like it scheduled for.
schedule instagram posts guide
From here, you can select which platforms you want to create your post for. You can either select one platform or create a ‘multi-platform’ post if you repurpose content across your different accounts. Currently, you can schedule for Facebook and Instagram – but TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn will be coming soon!
Here, you are able to get crafty with your caption and import your saved hashtags from Collections you have already created in Flick (which are optimized to your account for the highest chance of Reach and eyes on your posts). More on how to find hashtags that will actually grow your account, here.
schedule instagram posts guide
Once you’ve drafted up your caption, you can edit your thumbnail (if posting a video), trim your video and tag other accounts. This is also where you can insert a location tag, or schedule a first comment depending on where you publish your hashtags. From here, you can schedule your post, or save it as a draft (useful if you don’t yet have the content to publish yet, and you’re using a placeholder).
Flick will show you your best times to post according to your account when you select a date and time for your post to go out and will notify you whether the post will be auto-published or scheduled via a push notification. If for any reason your post cannot be scheduled, we will let you know via email or notification, so you can always stay on top of your account. Even if you select your content to go out on ‘auto’, you will still be sent a notification when it’s gone live, so you can check it out, and edit anything you might want to change.
In case you run multiple accounts, you can also link these to Flick in order to switch between accounts, keeping all your scheduling calendars in one place.

How to schedule a post using Facebook ✅

To schedule an Instagram post using Facebook, you’ll need to have a business or Creator account, and a Facebook page that is linked to said account. Click on the page, then select ‘Publishing Tools’ from the lefthand column. Here, you will be able to draft a new post on either your Facebook or Instagram page, by selecting the ‘create a new post’ button. You can upload a photo or video, add your caption & location, tags and schedule for your selected date and time. Facebook’s native scheduler doesn’t offer the best times to post, or suggested hashtags, so you’d still need to do this manually.

How to schedule Instagram posts on your phone 📲

Within the Flick app, you’ll still be able to follow the exact same process as on Desktop, in order to schedule your posts, and you’ll also get a view of upcoming content in case you need to swap things around or make a caption tweak at the last minute.
In Facebook’s Business Suite Mobile App, you’ll also be able to publish your content in a similar way to their Desktop option, you’ll just have the same, limited access to your content library, options for hashtags, and auto-commenting.

Tips and tricks to grow your account with Instagram scheduling

There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to Instagram scheduling if you want to see the best results possible:

Pay attention to the best times to post ⏰

Posting at a time when your audience is online will give you the most engagement, and will likely push your posts more rapidly to new audiences. If you post at a time when no one is online, you won’t get the momentum you need to rank on hashtags, have your content promoted or gain the opportunity to reach new audiences. So, how do you know when the best time to post is?
It’s different for everyone, but you can either find out through your scheduling tool or directly on Instagram. If you’re using a platform like Flick, it can calculate and suggest your best times to post, based on previous post success, and when your audience is most frequently online. You can also see these analytics within Instagram’s insights tab, however, they aren’t as granular and are thought to be less accurate.

Use the right hashtags #️⃣

Specific hashtags will increase your posts’ performance, depending on how easy or difficult it is to rank on them. Your ability to rank depends on how competitive a hashtag is, in comparison to your account – you can read more about selecting the right hashtags, specifically for you, here.

Track your performance 📈

Within Flick, you have access to your Analytics, where you can directly compare the results of your scheduled posts, to find out which days bring you the most growth and engagement. This can help you make decisions as to how often you post on a given day, as well as whether it’s worth shifting your strategy to publish on certain days and not others.

Remember to still engage with your audience 💬

Just because your posts are going out automatically, saving you time and stress, doesn’t mean you should forget about them altogether. It is still vitally important to keep track of and respond to your comments and DMs after you post if you want to grow a dedicated community. When you get a notification that your content has been successfully published, why not check in every 30 minutes, to ensure you’re up to date on your responses?
We hope you loved getting stuck into our guide on how to schedule your Instagram posts. Now you’ve got everything you need in order to get scheduling, start saving time by being more organised and grow your following as a result. If you’d like to check out another of our handy Instagram guides, just click here!

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The Complete Guide to Instagram Scheduling

Your guide to the different ways you can schedule Instagram posts

Tips and tricks to grow your account with Instagram scheduling

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