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The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2022

If you’re struggling to figure out when to post on your account, we’ve broken down the best times to post on Instagram so you can reach your followers when they’re most active.

Posted 1 month ago

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 month ago
The dreaded question while scheduling your content for Instagram: What’s the best time to post so the most amount of people possible will see this? We’ve been there. Trying to figure out the time when your followers are most engaged can be tricky … Are they more likely to comment and reply in the mornings? Afternoons? Late at night? If you’re struggling to figure out when to post on your account, we’ve broken down the best times to post on Instagram so you can reach your followers when they’re most active.
best times to post on instagram

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

The best day to post on Instagram is Wednesday between 9-11 am CST.* It’s also been shown that posting early in the morning (6 am) can have a huge jump in engagement, as people tend to check their Instagram account as soon as they wake up in the morning.
While it used to be the best bet to post AS SOON as your audience was most active, it’s definitely not the only factor that contributes to engagement. It was thought that the most amount of interactions a post got in the first 30 minutes determined how it ranked in a feed, yet according to Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram), “the feed is roughly, but not strictly, chronological.” While a post can show up in your feed before a more recent one, it’s based on if that post has a higher interest to that user over the other.


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After a period of time, however, the interest factor is outweighed and the algorithm will start showing you newer posts. So what does that mean for posting? While Wednesday between 9-11 am is a great time to post, what about the other days? According to Hootsuite and Sprout Social stats, posting early in the morning around 6 am is another great time to post on Instagram. While a number of your followers might not be up yet, it’ll likely be at the top of their feed when they log in for their early morning scroll.
*According to data collected from Hootsuite and Sprout Social.

When are more people on Instagram?

One of the most asked questions is when more people are on Instagram and that can change quite a bit depending on where in the world the person lives. However, the habits of people state-by-state and country-by-country are pretty similar.
  • Posting early in the morning will generate some of the highest engagement for your account because people usually check their phones right when they wake up.
  • Posting in the afternoon (11 am-3 pm) during the weekday can also cause an increase in engagement because people are checking their phones during lunch (or while at their desk trying not to fall asleep!) and are running out of energy to focus solely on work.
  • As for the weekends, posting in the late morning when people are with their friends for bottomless brunch is always a good call. I mean, who hasn’t scrolled through their Instagram feed while out with friends?

How to find the best time to post on Instagram

While it’s nice to know on average when users across the board are most active on Instagram, it’s even more important to know when YOUR followers are most engaged. Some of the key things to do when you’re trying to figure out the best times to post for yourself?
  • Look at your best posts from the past
    What time did you post that photo? What day was it posted? Take a look at your analytics either on Instagram Insights or Flick’s analytics page to determine the most successful posts. Are there any patterns across the board for your highest engaged photos? Start keeping track of that information to build an idea of when the best time to post for your audience.
  • Check out others who are killing it
    Be sure to check out the people you consider to be your competitor and do an analysis on their top-performing posts. What time are they posting? What day of the week? Are they doing something completely different from your own strategy? One of the most important things when it comes to being seen on Instagram (or social media in general!) is to be sure to keep an eye on the competition. Sometimes you learn new tricks of your trade and sometimes you learn what NOT to do. It’s all useful and can majorly up your own strategy online.
  • Test, test, test
    There’s nothing like a good test to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your content. Whether that’s testing new timings, different captions, days of the weeks, etc, it’s always important to continue to test ideas when it comes to your online strategy. While your content can be doing well, are you sure it’s doing the best it can? Without testing, you’ll never truly know.
  • Post in your audience’s time zone.
    Being sure to post content in your audience’s time zone is incredibly important for engagement. You wouldn’t want to post something that might be 9 am your time, but 3 am for your audience.

    Here at Flick, a lot of our audience is in the US so we make sure to keep our timings around the US timezones.
instagram best times to post 2021
However, if you don’t have the time or resources to test your content by yourself, using Flick’s analytics will help you estimate exactly what time to schedule your content each day. In your analytics, you can get a breakdown of exactly what time most of your followers are online and when they are more likely to engage with your content.
How to make the most out of your best time to post on Instagram
Once you’ve figured out the best time to post for your personal Instagram account, it’s time to get your content strategy on point to make sure you’re making the most out of your account.
So how do you do this? By ensuring all of the content you’re putting out there is doing one of these things:
  1. Posted during your prime time.
    Making sure that your Instagram post is going live on your feed at the time you’ve discovered is best for you is PARAMOUNT. Why in the world would you spend so much time collecting data for your account and not post at the best time possible? Answer: You wouldn’t.When you post to your feed during a prime time, and it gets a lot of engagement, Instagram will bump your post higher up users’ feeds. Not only that, but it could end up in the Instagram Explore page if you’re getting enough attention. So always post at the most optimal times and you may be rewarded.
  2. Start posting videos!
    We know that switching to video-related content on Instagram can be a tough transition for some, but it’s SO important to start posting videos on IG. When posting a Reel or IGTV, be sure you’re posting it at an optimal time because, as stated before, Instagram is prioritizing videos at the moment and you could go viral if you choose your timing wisely enough.
Important Instagram stats to think about before posting
If you’re looking for even more ways to track your analytics and know exactly the right time to post on your Instagram account, be sure to check out our latest blog post all about Instagram Analytics tools you should be using.
Want to go deeper on the analytics you have and everything they mean for you and your overall online strategy? We broke down all the Instagram Analytics you need and why they’re important to your strategy in our Ultimate Instagram Analytics Guide.

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