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instagram introduces subscriptions
instagram introduces subscriptions

Instagram Introduces Paid Subscriptions for Creators and Influencers

Instagram announced that they are testing out paid subscriptions which will allow users to subscribe to their favorite content creators on the app for exclusive content.

Mackenzie Taylor


Latest Articles

Hashtag Analytics Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Track 2022

Learn why tracking your hashtags is so important and how to use Instagram hashtag analytics to improve your Instagram strategy. 

Mackenzie Taylor


schedule instagram post
schedule instagram post

Everything You Need to Know About Scheduling Instagram Posts

Scheduling your Instagram content is key to building out your perfect Instagram strategy. We’re breaking down the reasons why you need to be scheduling your content and how it can save you a lot...

Mackenzie Taylor

2 days ago

instagram ad conversion
instagram ad conversion

6 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Ads and Get Higher Conversions

As a business and brand, having an Instagram account that posts daily is only going to get you so far when it comes to selling your product or service online. You need to look into advertising, specif...

Mackenzie Taylor

6 days ago

Instagram Releases “Add Reminder” Feature for Feed Posts

Instagram released a new feature to add to your feed posts—Add Reminders. Learn all about how to utilize this feature for your account and more!

Mackenzie Taylor

8 days ago

How to Get 1000 Followers on Instagram in 2022

From bios to commenting to images, we have compiled the best ways for you to grow your Instagram following and finally hit 1000 followers. 

Mackenzie Taylor

10 days ago

Instagram Restrict vs Block: What’s the difference, and how can you do it?

Whether you want to block or restrict someone, or just know the difference between restrict vs block on Instagram, read on.

Sam King

13 days ago

SEO for Instagram: Tips to Boost Your Reach

Learn all of our tips and tricks on how to optimize your Instagram posts using SEO to increase your reach and visibility!

Mackenzie Taylor

15 days ago

Instagram Engagement Rate: Everything You Need to Know

Learn what the metric means, how to measure it, and what the average engagement rate is on Instagram, as well as Flick’s best practices to boost your engagement on Instagram.

Mackenzie Taylor

17 days ago

Flick's Social Hub
Flick's Social Hub

Join our Facebook Group: The Social Hub!

Join our Facebook group, The Social Hub, to get access to exclusive content from Flick, expert advice on upping your Instagram strategy and more.

Mackenzie Taylor

21 days ago

instagram presets
instagram presets

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Presets in 2022

Learn all about what Instagram presets are, how to use them, and some of our favorite ones on the internet that you can download!

Mackenzie Taylor

24 days ago

5 Ways You Can Get Banned on Instagram

If you’re nervous and wondering if you could be toeing the line of being deleted or banned, we’ve rounded up the different ways you can violate Instagram’s Terms of Use.

Mackenzie Taylor

28 days ago


How to Add Instagram Reels Cover Photo

Need to add or edit an Instagram Reels cover photo? Follow our step-by-step guide on how to add and edit your Reels cover photo.

Mackenzie Taylor

1 month ago

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