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Feb 18, 2021
Instagram How To's, Instagram Marketing

How to Write Good Instagram Captions

Learn our tricks for writing good Instagram captions that will engage your existing followers and attract new audiences to your page.

Julia Cohen

Good Instagram captions can be a determining factor in persuading someone to hit that follow button and want to see more of your content. Whilst Instagram is primarily a visual space, users have increasingly seen the usefulness in thought through caption-writing that tells a story, lets people know more about them, gives more context, or just helps with strategic SEO. But what is a good Instagram caption? In today’s article, we will share some of our tips for writing Instagram captions that will win prospective followers over.

How to Write Good Instagram Captions

Make a connection 🤝

One of the reasons Instagram captions were created, was to allow users to provide more context on an image or video they post, so, it is important that your “supporting words” connect with the content you share. Not only does this make sense, but it also helps from an SEO-perspective. Since Instagram places a large focus on categorizing content to make searching easier, the more accurate and descriptive you are in your caption, the more likely it will appear when someone searches for something related on Instagram.

This can sometimes be easy, and sometimes challenging. For example, if part of your content strategy is to share inspirational re-grams or imagery from other artists, you might not initially think to write a caption related to the image. Try and consider this throughout your entire strategy in order to keep your page consistent. Here’s an example of a creative way to link an inspirational post with a relevant caption:

Be candid 💁‍♀️

One of the best ways to write good Instagram captions is by treating the text a little like a diary. Sometimes it can be hard to get your personality across on the platform because the majority of the content is still either static or artistic, rather than ‘sitting down for a chat’. Also, as Instagram is so saturated, it’s important that you stand out within your niche and give people a reason to follow you. An effective way to do this is by creating a human connection with someone by sharing something they find relateable or ‘different’ – and communicating your thoughts, feelings, etc. in a caption can do this. Instead of posting a one-liner, you might share a story, talk about something personal or give a more descriptive paragraph of context for your image/video.

Give value 📲

Besides telling a story and getting personal, you can also add value to your posts by teaching your followers something only you can share. For example, because people are so-fast paced on Instagram, they may not watch an entire video you’ve posted (in fact most people don’t). A way to make sure they still get all the value you want them to is by creating an informative caption that details everything in segments. It might encourage them to continue to watch or explore some of your other content but it’s a little more engaging than a simple ‘CTA’. Let’s compare:

“I just posted a new video, check it out!”


“In today’s video, I will share my top hashtag tricks, including:

  1. How to pick hashtags that match your account.
  2. How to rank on hashtags.
  3. How to find out which hashtags are working.”

See what we mean? The second option tells the follower a little more, in case they won’t watch the whole video, and it’s a lot more clickable.

Don’t forget the details 👀

Captions can be a great way to amp up your discoverability and increase your chances of getting shared. Here are some things you shouldn’t forget, and some ways to keep your captions clean and readable.

  • Always add tags! If you feature a specific brand in your post, make sure to tag them in the caption, so that they will see it and potentially comment or reshare.
  • Use line breaks. Recently, Instagram made it possible to add line breaks in their captions, facilitating longer-form writeups. If you are creating lists or writing a long caption, make it more visually appealing and less overwhelming by using line breaks.
  • Use hashtags. You can either use these in your caption on your comments, but either way, make sure you are using them to ensure your posts have the best chance of reaching a new, audience.
  • Keep it visual. Make sure to include emojis in longer captions, which will also help break the text up, visually.
  • Always include a CTA (call to action) at the end of your captions to encourage further engagement, for example ‘link in bio’, ‘comment your thoughts below’, ‘follow for more’, or ‘visit our Instagram shop to buy!’.

So – are you ready to get writing good Instagram captions that will make your audience even more excited about your Instagram page? If you want to learn more about the best Instagram strategies for reaching new audiences, you can visit our blog, or click the banner below.

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