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How to use TikTok to Grow Your Instagram Following

Want to migrate your TikTok followers to Instagram, the right way? Read this quick article to learn how, and build an organic, genuine following.

Posted 2 years ago
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Julia Cohen
Posted 2 years ago
TikTok has exponentially increased in popularity since the outbreak of Covid meant that everyone was ‘home-ridden’ and looking for new sources of entertainment. As a platform that is specifically designed to encourage its users to take part in challenges, utilise their creative talents and discover fun trends, it’s no surprise that the platform saw a huge uptick in users since January. And, with over 800 million users signed up to the platform, that’s a lot of opportunities for audience conversions if you are trying to grow your Instagram following, both organically and authentically.

How to use TikTok to Gain More Instagram Followers

Why TikTok?

On Instagram, you may use different types of content to achieve different goals. For example, when we spoke to Finn Mckenty, he spoke about the different content he uses to target potential audiences at different parts of the marketing funnel. Some posts were geared towards awareness, with some targeted at driving conversions. In a similar way, TikTok achieves a different goal to that of Instagram. As a much quicker, video and viewership-based platform, TikTok allows users to see success by going viral, through sharing their original, unique and entertaining ideas, in a very short timeframe. Therefore, whilst there is no longer-form content on the platform (for now), TikTok is great for driving awareness and potentially migrating followers from platform to platform.
However, you can’t expect your Instagram followers to immediately migrate to TikTok, and vice versa especially if you are posting the same type of content on both platforms. The key to converting your audience is by hooking them with an original idea, and making them want to see more, and visit your page.
One of the best ways to grow a following on Instagram is by paying attention to what’s trending. A lot of users are suggested content on their ‘For You Page’ on TikTok based on what is popular – in other words, what is trending. You can find out what videos are trending by either swiping through your feed, or by looking at the music section of TikTok. This will show you the top viral music of that moment, and likely will lead to a video trend related to that track which you can use for inspiration. Put your own spin on it to make your video unique and get people clicking. This is a great way to initially attract awareness, views and drive users to your page.
💡Top tip: The more you post, the more your content is shown to wider audiences. There’s lots of room for experimentation on TikTok, so don’t be afraid to make a lot of content.

#2 Create unique content

One of the main ways to really drive conversions from TikTok to Instagram is by creating unique content or starting a trend from scratch. With millions of videos appearing on the For You Page of millions of users, just like Instagram your content needs to strop scrollers in their tracks. Whether you have a unique story to share, are a dance aficionado and want to create a viral dance trend, or you just want to create short and snappy comedy videos, get creative with your personal feed.
Because TikTok is a platform that favours relatable content, you can take inspiration from your everyday life to create your videos. Think about what videos or memes you would share with your friends, as well as what you would deem ‘share worthy’, and try to recreate something similar – this is what will give your page that share worthy impact that will give your content the momentum it needs to go viral. Once users see that you are creating unique, entertaining content, they are more likely to click on your profile and discover the other types of content you are creating.
💡Top tip: Sometimes mundane moments make the best material. Look around you for inspiration, whether it be common ‘moments’ that come up when you are talking to friends, or typical things that happen to you at work. Also think about spinning and existing challenge or trend on its head if you are struggling for ideas – sometimes the best inspiration comes from TikTok itself.

#3 Tease Instagram content within your TikTok videos to drive followers

Another way to drive conversions from TikTok to Instagram is by directly driving users from one platform to the other. For example, you can include text CTAs on your videos to drive viewers to either your TikTok or Instagram profiles. By teasing content on TikTok, and letting users know that they can find similar videos or creative posts on your Instagram feed, they may be compelled to click!
💡Top tip: You can also tease users by posting part of a video on your TikTok, directing users to your Instagram profile for ‘part 2’ or the rest of the video.

#4 Post across all of your channels

In order to drive initial traction, you can start posting some of your TikTok content on your Instagram feed. This lets your existing following know that you are posting on a new channel, and if they are interested they may join you. Also make sure to share your TikTok videos on your Instagram Stories every time you post a new video – this lets users know that your content is connected and cohesive across all platforms – and, it’s also a great way to repurpose your existing content.
If you have any Instagram videos that you have already created that you think could work on TikTok, you can also try and post them there. What is important is that this will drive your initial traction and views on TikTok, meaning your videos will be shared to an even wider audience – who may not already be following you on the platform.
Remember, TikTok is a place to get creative, be original and provide something unique to users, so don’t be afraid to try an idea you have and just be yourself. One of the great things about the platform is that it favours relatable content, so you know the followers you convert from TikTok to Instagram are both organic and genuine.


How to use TikTok to Gain More Instagram Followers

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