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May 28, 2021
Instagram How To's, Instagram Marketing

Great Instagram Bio Ideas for 2021

If you are struggling to come up with the perfect Instagram bio for your account, take a look at our top creative ideas for some inspiration!

Julia Cohen

Coming up with the perfect Instagram bio can feel like one of the most significant decisions of your entire life. Okay, maybe we’re being dramatic, but it is pretty important. There’s a lot of different ways you can create the perfect Instagram bio depending on your account, niche tone of voice or personality, and we’re here with a few ideas to help you come up with the best one for your account.

Great Instagram Bio Ideas for 2021

#1) Make it strategic 🎯

This works best for small businesses or accounts that want to be more searchable, and is one of the smartest ways to format your Instagram bio. As different niches on Instagram are saturated with accounts, you can use your bio as a way to increase discoverability and get closer to your target follower or customer. Instagram, as we know, is searchable, and this applies to bios too – so, for example, if you are a Nail Technician, and have this keyword within the first line of your bio, it’s more likely that users will find your profile when actively searching for Nail Technicians. One of the first ideas (and easiest to implement) is by structuring your Instagram bio around keywords within your niche.

First, decide what the most important keyword is. What searches do you want to appear in?

Then, think of other important keywords, like location, contact details, etc.

Next craft your bio by putting important keywords first, followed by secondary keywords – let’s look at an example:

Instagram bio ideasBlondies Kitchen makes it clear within the first few words of their bio and description that they are a bakery, based in the UK. Once this is established, they offer details on how and where you can order their products as well as where they are located. This is clear and concise, and allows new users to understand exactly what it is they do, whilst upping their search-ability in Instagram – Click here to learn about how to use SEO on Instagram to push this even further.

#2) Have a little fun 😂

People want to understand who you are and get a snippet of your personality before clicking that ‘Follow’ button, especially if you are a creator or larger brand on Instagram. One of the most effective ways to get across your tone of voice and create a hook on your profile, is by using a witty bio that makes users smile. However, you need to strike the right balance without going too abstract or niche, that people don’t actually understand your joke. The key with a funny or witty bio, is to think of it like a viral meme. The best performing memes are those that are relatable or could be appreciated by almost anyone. They are based on everyday occurrences that don’t take too much inside knowledge to understand.

Instagram bio ideas

Friskies does a great job of playing off of the well known ‘cat owner problems’ by insinuating buying their food = buying your cat’s love. This is particularly clever, because whilst it is a witty bio line, it still manages to get across the message that they are a cat food brand, and likely are cheaper than their market competitors.

#3) Celebrate your community ❤️

Instagram is all about community, and building a dedicated following. As your account starts to grow, you can play around with your bio a bit more, to create references to your fandom.

insta bio ideas

Here is an example from Slim Jim, who have made Instagram their art. As they use Instagram almost like a meme account, it makes sense that their bio follows suit and speaks in the same tone of voice that they use across their social channels and with their community. As a large brand with high awareness, people already know about their product, so it becomes less of a need to clearly communicate what they offer materially, but more of a need to communicate what they offer their community. Their CTA is to ‘join the Long Boi Gang’ which is what they refer to as themselves and their fans in a playful way, directly calling out the audience they want to celebrate, and giving themselves some added ‘cool factor’ whilst maintaining continuity of brand identity on socials.

#4) Communicate your values 📖

Today, people really care about the values that companies or accounts stand for, so another of our ideas for your Instagram bio is by communicating these clearly in your bio.

insta bio ideas

Milk Makeup include their branded hashtag which allows users to know exactly where to share their community posts. They also show their brand ethics by stating that they are 100% Vegan, Clean and Cruelty-Free. Finally, they include hashtags that further communicate their brand values, by featuring causes such as #blacklivesmatter #stopasianhate and a spotlight on the @lgbtcenternyc account.

#5) Show people what you do 🎤

As a creator, it’s important that people understand who you are from the get-go. You’ll also want to include any other links that could up the chances of drawing your followers to other social media accounts where you might be active.

Instagram bio ideas

Above, True Crime YouTuber, Bailey Sarian clearly states her niche by referring to the videos that made her famous on YouTube. She then includes a Linktree (which houses multiple links within your bio) allowing people to click through to her new video and see her other social media links. This allows for follower crossover/cross-promotion of accounts, in case users discover her on Instagram vs. YouTube.

#6) Call out your target audience 👏

Our final Instagram bio idea is directly calling out your target audience. People tend to be self-focused when it comes to social media, and respond better to content that directly calls them out. What we mean by this is content that calls ‘you’ out or says ‘this is for cat-lovers’ for example in this first few seconds of the video or the first few lines of a caption. You can apply this same logic to your Instagram bio, especially if you have a clear picture of who your target audience, follower or consumer is.

cute bio idea

Above, the magazine Glamour UK directly refers to itself as ‘the go-to magazine for Millennial and Gen-Z women.’ This speaks solely to that specific group, and when users read it, they clearly understand whether or not they fall into this category. This is a smart idea if you do appeal to a specific niche, but if you do have a more varies audience, you want to be careful not to alienate any potential followers that don’t fall into the group you call out.

We hope this article gave you ideas and inspiration for your next Instagram bio update! Let us know if you liked or used any of these ideas by sending us a DM or leaving a comment on our Instagram! Want more Instagram strategy advice for organically growing your account? Click the banner below.

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