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The Best Free Stock Photo Websites for Your Social Media Account

Looking for photos to use without the expensive cost attached to stock photos? We’ve got you. Our favorite FREE stock photo websites.

Posted 5 months ago

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 5 months ago
If there’s one thing most social media managers can agree on, it’s that photoshoots aren’t cheap. Hiring a professional and staging a shoot is both expensive and time-consuming, which means it isn’t always the best option for social media content. So, we turn to free stock photos for social media. 📸
And we’re pleased to announce that since we’re living in an increasingly digital age, finding royalty-free, copyright-free stock photos is no longer an uphill battle. There is an abundance of online resources dedicated to providing you with thousands of stock photo options, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in no time at all.
Here are 15 websites with loads of free stock photos just waiting to be used to improve your social media presence. Happy searching!

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  1. Best Free Stock Photo Websites 🤳

Best Free Stock Photo Websites 🤳


Unsplash boasts over a million high-quality images, all of which are downloadable, ranging from food to holidays to places around the world.


Freestock is the perfect website if you’re looking to add authenticity to your Instagram account. These documentary-style shots are less stock-y than some others you’ll find on these sites, so they might just be the perfect addition to make your profile a bit more genuine (even if they’re posed).


If you’re indecisive or you don’t have a ton of time to search stock photos, Picjumbo will do the work for you. By signing up for their newsletter, you’ll receive a batch of new stock photos in your email every week. What could be easier than that?
tonl free stock photos


For TONL, diversity is the name of the game. This website aims to highlight diverse images from diverse creators, all of which will increase representation and tell important stories.

IM Free

IM Free is an excellent option not only for stock photos but for some of their bonus features as well. This website also offers free templates and icons, so you can get creative beyond just choosing the perfect photo.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock is here for all your *~vintage vibes.~* This website offers a huge selection of historical photos, so if that’s your thing, look no further.


Pixabay has both stock photos and stock audio, so you have even more opportunities to customize your Instagram with this app. You can also modify and edit the content you download, so feel free to get creative!
pexels free stock photos


Pexels is perfect for creating a modern, curated aesthetic. You can browse the discover page by color, which will help you to streamline your posts and keep your grid and your stories organized and consistent.

Kaboom Pics

Kaboom offers a variety of trendy, Instagram-ready photos, perfect for any brand intent on maintaining a specific Instagram aesthetic. These photos make for excellent borders and backgrounds, and the creative opportunities are endless.


SkitterPhoto is another website that goes above and beyond stock photos, offering a useful bonus feature: download search. This allows users to search the number of downloads on any photo, helping you to ensure your content is creative and original.


If whimsy is your thing, this is the app for you. Gratisography prides itself on providing an extensive library of quirky, silly images, perfect for bringing levity and fun to any Instagram account.
splitshire free stock photos


Splitshire is perfect for when you’re looking for a stock photo in a pinch. You don’t need to have an account of any kind to use images from this website, so if you’ll looking to grab a quick pic without logging in, this is the place to go.


Similar to Burst, this is a great option if you’re looking for specific photos. As the name suggests, they are all food-related (obviously), and they are bound to elevate any foodie Instagram or food-related post.

Life of Pix

In addition to the massive array of available photos, Life of Pix features a “photographer of the week,” so there is always an opportunity to discover new talent.
burst free stock photos

Burst (by Shopify)

This collection of stock photos is geared toward retail or other service-related brands, so this is the perfect place to browse and download photos if your brand falls under that umbrella.

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With stock photos, you can add them to your marketing materials or even use them on your social channels to plan that perfect, aesthetic look for your accounts! With your pictures and plan in place, we recommend starting a free 7-day trial with Flick and scheduling your content out to make sure it looks exactly how you want it. 💅


Best Free Stock Photo Websites 🤳

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