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Free Instagram Analytics Tools You Should Be Using in 2022

The 7 most effective and free Instagram Analytics Tools and Apps you can use to up your Instagram game and IG content strategy this year.

Posted 9 months ago

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 9 months ago
Free Instagram Tools and apps for Instagram Analytics are pivotal to saving time and improving results (Also they’re super low risk, because, well….they’re free). When it comes to your Instagram content, it’s incredibly important to figure out where you’re doing really well and where you’re majorly lacking. Without the right metrics and Instagram analytics tools, you’ll never know if what you’re doing is benefiting you or if you could be doing more to engage and grow your following. While there are loads of Instagram analytics apps to help you figure out where you’re knocking it out of the park and where you could improve quite a bit, being able to narrow down the best tool for you can be a daunting task. Plus when you have a smaller marketing budget (or no budget!) to work with each month, finding a free tool that is also effective is a challenge. But don’t you worry! We got you. These are our favorite free Instagram analytics tools to start using today.

Instagram Analytics

Grow your account with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.


7 free Instagram analytics tools you should be using

Open Benchmarks for Instagram Analytics

Open Benchmarks is a free resource you can use to uncover areas you’re succeeding in and other places that could use some extra love and attention to help your account grow. The metrics tool helps compare your account to others who have the same number of followers to see how you rank against one another. If you’re a content creator, social media manager, small business, or just curious about your Instagram stats, being able to access reliable, up-to-date information that will help your account grow and succeed is a must.
With Open Benchmarks, you’ll get a breakdown of your account performance from Follower Growth Rate to Conversion Rate to Reach and Impressions to Engagement Rate and more and compare that to other similar accounts. The best part of this free analytic tool is you can tell exactly where you’re falling behind or succeeding compared to other accounts. You’ll receive real, reliable, free metrics you can count on that update daily to help your online strategy. Learn more and start finding out where you stand up against your competitors.

Instagram Insights

The native Instagram analytics that you can access on their app has improved over the years. This tool is useful for breaking down the metrics of demographics, profile views, engagement rates, reach, and which posts on your Instagram are the most popular. Plus, they have recently introduced IGTV and Story analytics for you to keep up-to-date.
While it’s not the most user-friendly of apps and you can’t use it on your desktop (in-app only!), it does provide a good basic overview of your Instagram analytics for both your individual posts and your account as a whole.
instagram insights free analytics tool

Creator Studio

While you could use Instagram Insights in the Instagram App, Creator Studio is also a great free tool to track your Instagram performance. You can track your analytics from a 7-day to a 30-day window and gauge your engagement and conversion rate from the platform.
A bonus? If you’re a member of Brand Collabs Manager, you’ll be able to track your metrics with your brand collaboration through Creator Studio.
free analytics tools instagram


Iconosquare is a helpful Instagram tool that not only lets you schedule your content in advance but also tracks your analytics for your account. The analytics report tracks your engagement, impressions, reach and breaks down how your Instagram Stories are performing.
If you want an audit of your entire account, you can connect your Instagram for free and they will send you a free review of where your account is doing well and which areas you could improve on.
iconosquare analytics


With Squarelovin’s free Instagram Analytics tool, it provides you with an analysis of how your account is progressing over a year. You can obtain monthly reports, or an entire breakdown of your posts by month, day, or even hour!
You’ll also be able to gauge what your followers’ interests are, how to drive further engagement to your posts, and even discover the best time to post on your account based on when your followers are online.
free instagram analytics tool


If you’re looking to figure out your (or someone else’s!) exact engagement rate, Pixlee offers a free Instagram Engagement Calculator you can utilize. So if you’re working with a brand that needs to know that exact metric or you’re looking to work with someone and need that information, you can pop in the Instagram handle and it’ll calculate it for you. Easy and free. Exactly what we like.
free instagram analytics tool


With Keyhole, you can measure your campaigns and impact with their Instagram Analytics tool. While they don’t have a free-for-life option, their 7-day free trial offers you the opportunity to track your Instagram campaigns through hashtag usage, measure your content creators’ ROI, and create reports that are client-ready.
free instagram analytics tool
Now that you have a breakdown of your Instagram performance and places where you should be focusing more of your time and attention, it’s time to take that information and step your Instagram content up a notch. Learn how to write better Instagram captions, more about Reels, and even get sponsored for your Instagram content! And even better? With your new skills, you can officially be a content creator professionally—find yourself a job in social media today.


7 free Instagram analytics tools you should be using

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