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Instagram Scheduler

Plan, manage and schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time.

Make managing your Instagram account stress-free. Flick's Instagram Scheduler is built with reliability, speed and hashtags at it's core.

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Instagram Scheduling Tutorial

Learn how to schedule your Instagram posts using Flick's Instagram Scheduler alongside some tips on how you can save time and improve results.

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Drag & Drop Calendar

Visually (and easily) plan your future Instagram posts.

Get an instant overview of your published and scheduled content in one simple and easy-to-use calendar. Plan every post in full ahead of time or take advantage of your drafts folder to loosely plan your content ahead of time. Scheduling your next set of content just got faster than ever before.

Automatically post to Instagram
See your Best Times to Post
Reliable and easy-to-use
Create drafts to return to later

Hashtag Helper

Access the world's
#1 Hashtag Tool whilst you're creating your posts.

Your content needs the best hashtags and you can only find those hashtags on Flick. When creating and scheduling a new Instagram post, you’ll have full access to Flick’s extensive hashtag features to help you select the perfect ones for your posts, plus all of your Hashtag Collections easily accessible all in one place.

Say goodbye to constantly switching tabs
Reach more people with tailored hashtags
Easily add the best hashtags to your posts

Best Times to Post

Publish your Instagram posts at the best time, every time.

Amplify the reach of every post you make by ensuring you’re posting when the majority of your audience is online and active. Flick’s Instagram Scheduler uses your Instagram account’s audience analytics to highlight the top three best times to post your content every single day.

See your top three posting times per day
Reach the most followers when you post
Best times from inside your Calendar

Instagram Feed Preview

Design the perfect feed before your posts go live.

Preview your scheduled posts (and drafts!) alongside the content you’ve already posted on Instagram to see how your future feed will look. You can test different variations by rearranging your posts using our drag and drop editor. Designing and maintaining the right aesthetic for your Instagram feed is now easier than ever thanks to Flick.

Easily rearrange your scheduled posts
Quickly edit posting times and content
Preview your future feed ahead of time

Auto-publish Carousels

Auto Publish your Instagram Carousel Posts (on all plans).

Goodbye Notifications! Create Instagram carousel posts with up to 10 images and videos to build your brand, connect with your audience, and grow your following.

Finally, no more notification posts!
Add up to 10 pieces of media to your post
Schedule carousel posts without the hassle

Available on Mobile and Desktop

Stay connected, keep active, and make edits no matter where you are.

Make last-minute changes on the go with Flick’s mobile app! Rest easy knowing that wherever you’ll be, your calendar, scheduled posts, drafts and media library are all right there with you.

Edit scheduled posts on the move
Upload content to your Media Library
Status updates for Scheduled posts

You've already got a lot on your plate.   
Plan, schedule and automate your Instagram posts.

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Flick’s Instagram scheduling tool takes the hard work out of planning and posting to Instagram. Start by uploading your content the media library, then start scheduling  your next set of Instagram posts. With Flick, you can schedule posts to your feed using automatic, or manual posting.

We also make finding and using hashtags for scheduled content easier than ever. Now, you have the world's most powerful hashtag tool sitting inside your scheduling tool. Not too bad, eh? Start claiming back your time and get organize your content strategy with Flick.

Planning your content ahead of time just got easier.

How Flick's Instagram Scheduler Works

Import your photos and videos

Start by uploading content to Flick's Media Library. Here you can store content to use in future posts.

Plan and create your next posts

Use Flick's Calendar to plan out your next set of posts. Quickly add captions, hashtags and more all in one easy to use window.

Let Flick handle the posting

Once you've clicked 'schedule' your posts will be ready to go live. If you've opted for automatic posting they'll be posted at your desired time automatically.

Frequently Asked Questsions

Whether you’re posting as a creator, brand or marketer, Flick's Instagram Scheduler is ready to help you save time, improve results, and get organized.

What is Flick?

Flick is an Instagram Scheduling, Hashtag & Analytics Tool, helping you to grow and mange your Instagram account(s).

Will Flick's Instagram Scheduler work on my device?

Yes, Flick Scheduler is available via our desktop, iOS, and Android App – no matter where you go, your hashtags, analytics, and content calendar will follow.

Can you schedule personal Instagram posts?

Currently, Flick only allows posting to a Creator or Professional Instagram account. If you have a personal account, and you want your posts published automatically, you'll have to switch to a Business account.

You can find out how to switch to a business account here.

Can you automatically post Instagram Carousel posts?

Yes, you can schedule Instagram carousel posts to be published automatically with Flick's Instagram Scheduler.

Can you schedule posts as a Creator account? 

Yes, you can schedule Instagram posts as a Creator account using Flick's Instagram Scheduler, however, you'll have schedule your posts via mobile notification because Personal accounts do not currently support auto-publishing (due to Instagram's API). If you have a personal account, and you want your posts published automatically, you'll have to switch to a Business account.

You can find out how to switch to a business account here.

Can you schedule Instagram posts?

Yes! If you'd like to schedule Instagram posts to be published at a later date you can use a tool like Flick's Instagram Scheduler. You'll be able to plan your future instagram posts with a visual drag and drop calendar, preview your future feed, and access the best hashtags available from one easy to use platform

How to schedule posts on Instagram

To schedule posts to Instagram (and save lots of time in the process) you should follow this easy process: 

1. Upload the content you want to post to the Media Library
2. Drag your Media into the Calendar
3. Write a fun, helpful, or engaging caption that your followers will love
4. Add a location tag, and tag any users who are in the media
5. Choose some hashtags to help get your post seen(available whilst you're creating a post)
7. Select a time to post (or let Flick suggest a time for you) 
8. Click 'Schedule',
9. Sit back and relax! 

To learn more about how to schedule posts to Instagram, check out our Guide on Posting to Instagram in 2022.

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