ACcount, Content & Hashtag Analytics for Instagram

Drive growth and gain clarity with best-in-class Instagram Analytics

Drive growth and gain clarity with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.

See what’s working, improve your strategy, and track key metrics across all areas of your Instagram account.

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Improve your hashtag performance on autopilot.

Hashtag Analytics. Let Flick highlight which of your Instagram hashtags are working best, so you can continue reaching more people every time you post.

Track IG hashtag performance over time
See the hashtags each post has ranked on
Improve your Instagram hashtag research

Track the metrics you can’t access on Instagram.

Ever wondered how well your profile converts visitors into followers, or what percentage of your audience you’re reaching?

Follower and Conversion Rates
Time spent ranking on Instagram hashtags
Content Engagement and Reach Rates

Identify what’s resonating best with your audience.

Increase your engagement and conversion rates across your feed, story & IGTV posts with actionable IG Analytics and insights.

Visually review and compare your posts
See the hashtags each post has ranked on
Feed, Story & IGTV Analytics

Understand when to post, and who you’re reaching.

Use your audience activity data to maximize each and every posting opportunity you have.

Calculate top posting times every day
Discover where your IG followers are located
See when your audience is most active

See how you compare to accounts like yours.

Understand where you're out-performing the competition, and identify opportunities for growth using live benchmark data that's exclusive to Flick.

Analytics for every area of your account
Single source of truth for Instagram data
Benchmarks based on 55k+ IG accounts

Never lose your data after 30 days again.

Monthly Analytics and more. Access metrics such as Reach, Profile Visits, Followers, Website Clicks over any time period.

See your IG Analytics across any time period
All data saved to your own personal database
Easy to access, use and review

Bring clarity to your Instagram Marketing strategy with Flick's best-in-class Instagram Analytics Suite.