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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Don’t have enough time to do your social? Could be time to hire someone! Here are all the reasons why you need a social media manager.

Posted 4 months ago

Written by

Alex Rosone
Posted 4 months ago
Let’s face it: social media has become unavoidable, even in the corporate world. If we choose to embrace it, however, it has the potential to do wonders for our brands. And who could complain about that? And if embracing it seems daunting for your marketing team, hiring a social media manager might just be the perfect solution. But how in the world do you know if you’re ready to take that step? It’s a big commitment. 💍
It isn’t easy to build and maintain a social media presence, so this task requires a professional. Someone who knows the ins and outs of different platforms, the theories of social media management, the advantages of these strategies, the most creative ways to produce content, and the best ways to optimize your social media presence for brand success.
If that concept alone hasn’t convinced you to get a social media manager on board, here are 10 other reasons why you need a social media manager:

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  1. Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Creative Content 💌

A professional social media manager will be able to produce consistent, effective content for your brand. Given the number of social media platforms and potentially competing profiles, it requires skill and creativity to generate content that will engage your audience and make your brand stand out.
When you hire a social media manager, they will be able to ensure consistency across all platforms, which will increase loyalty and credibility for your brand (which is what you want, duh!). By engaging your audience and drawing more attention to your profiles, your social media manager will also generate digital traffic and increase sales. Ding-ding-ding!

Customer Relations 🛃

If your inboxes on your social media platforms are often overflowing, a social media manager might be exactly what you need. Instead of passing customer relations around various existing departments and hoping messages are answered in a timely fashion, a social media manager will keep your replies coming quickly and effectively.

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This way, your social media platforms don’t just have to be for marketing—they can serve as customer service platforms as well! 🎉 Your social media manager will interact regularly with customers, improving service and engagement for your brand. And that’s what you want, what you really, really want.

Employee Recruitment 👫

Employee recruitment is yet another possible avenue for social media, and a social media manager can partner with HR to utilize social platforms to scout new talent. By posting openings on social media, your brand will open itself up to a wider range of applicants and increase the potential of finding the perfect candidate. Social media managers can collect and vet applicants, leaving HR and other administrative departments more time for the interview process.
reasons why you need a social media manager

Strategy Development 👩‍💻

An effective social media presence is about so much more than posting on your platforms! A social media manager will create a strategy specifically designed to improve certain aspects of your brand, creating content and timing posts to maximize your presence on each platform.
They will audit your social media, analyze results, and implement strategies meant to target consumers and improve your content. This way, you can rest assured each post is meaningful and intentional with your brand’s goals in mind.
Plus, if your social media manager utilizes Flick, they can easily track the performance of your Instagram account and make sure that the marketing strategy for your social is the best possible.

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Platform Analysis 📈

Your social media manager will also have the skills necessary to analyze and evaluate your platforms. They will be able to effectively audit your accounts to determine what type of content best engages your audience, what brings in new consumers, what time of day generates the most traffic, and what marketing/outreach strategies are most beneficial to your brand. This can be time-consuming work, so it’s best to have a professional on hand to tackle these logistics.

Account Prioritization 🥇

If your online presence has been on the backburner, it’s time to hire a social media manager to bring it into the spotlight. While existing employees may not have time to dedicate to managing social media accounts, a new hire will give your profiles the TLC they deserve.
This way, you can be confident your social media marketing is at the top of its game, instead of worrying it’s falling into the cracks.

Increased PR 💯

Your social media manager is the perfect liaison between your brand and influencers or other potential multimedia collaborators. They will know the right contacts, make critical connections, and seize opportunities for your brand to extend its reach and attract new consumers. Effective collaborations will serve your brand by reinforcing its message and increasing engagement with a new audience.

Found Time ⏰

Without a social media manager, these tasks often fall on other departments with existing responsibilities. With a social media manager on board, however, you will be able to comfortably rely on a professional to keep your accounts up and running while other departments can return their focus to other critical areas of your business.

Crisis Management 📊

No business or brand is safe from the occasional mishap, and social media managers are professionals trained to handle such events. Given the nature of the job is entirely customer-facing, you can be sure your social media manager is equipped to uphold your brand’s values and present your brand in the best light on all platforms. They will protect your integrity and maintain a positive presence on social media in the wake of any adversity.

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Financial Gain 💸

Hiring a social media manager might sound like quite a financial undertaking, but they can ultimately save your brand money on digital advertising and social media marketing in the long run. They will be able to optimize your marketing budget so you aren’t spending money on strategies that may not be effective, capitalize on paid traffic, and increase your return on investment.
If you needed a sign to bring a social media manager on your team, consider this it. You’ll thank us later.
Now that you know if and when you need to bring someone on, it could be time to start adding new tools to your Rolodex. Not sure which tools to bring on? Read exactly which tools you should buy into to help your social media game.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager

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