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NEW! Used Hashtags Smart Collection

Now, whenever you use a hashtag, we’ll add it to a Smart Collection called ‘Used Hashtags’.

Posted 1 year ago

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Sam King
Posted 1 year ago
Keeping track of each and every hashtag you use can be a little troublesome…But not for much longer.
Now, whenever you use a hashtag, we’ll add it to a Smart Collection called ‘Used Hashtags’ and we’ll store important information such as, how many times you’ve used it, the percentage of times you’ve ranked on it, and other essential metrics, helping you establish which hashtags are working best, no matter how often they’ve featured on your posts.
So, if you’re looking for some hashtags you know you can rely on, that you’ve already tested on previous posts, this is the place to go. Whilst you could already track some of this on the ‘Hashtag Analyze’ section within Analytics, you can now access these hashtags from your Dashboard or Collection pages.
Because you can now view hashtag performance data across all your hashtags in your Collections, we will be removing the ‘Hashtag Analyze’ page from the Analytics Suite. This is part of a wider set of improvements we’re making to the Analytics Suite that will be released in the next few weeks.
P.S, keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting updates that will be announced soon…I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with ‘Roast Peddling’…
Catch you soon!

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