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Instagram Testing New Feature That Hides Excessive Story Posts

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that hides excessive posts on Instagram Stories. Could this be a good or bad thing from the app?

Posted 4 months ago

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 4 months ago
Well … this could hurt some people’s feelings. Instagram Stories might be getting another refresh, and it might not be something people will enjoy. As everyone and their brother uploads their entire lives on Instagram Stories, Instagram is testing a new feature that actually hides excessive posts.
ICYMI: At the moment, Instagram users can currently post up to 100 stories at once. And while this probably will still remain the same, the number of little dashes at the top of the screen for your followers might change … to only three. For users to be able to see ALL of your stories, the app is testing a “show all” button for your followers to be able to see ALL of your Stories. And if they don’t click that button, their stories will move on to the next person’s.
This means some seriously bad news for some creators and brands who rely on Stories to help boost engagement and help sell and promote items. And if their followers don’t click the, honestly, hard-to-find “show all” button, their views on their Stories are going to seriously decline.
However, before we all panic and think this is a feature that is going to be officially launched, this is still being tested by a number of people and has the potential to never see the light of day.
What do you think? Do you think this could be something useful and stop you from aggressively tap-tap-tapping to get through someone’s super long story, or do you think it’s a bad thing? Let us know over on Instagram!
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