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Instagram Live Scheduling is here!

Sound the alarms: Instagram Live Scheduling is here. Well, it’s been here for a hot minute and we are helping you figure out how to schedule and use the new Live features from Instagram.

Posted 10 months ago

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 10 months ago
Sound the alarms: Instagram Live Scheduling is here. Well, it’s been here for a hot minute and as we’ve waited to see if anyone will use it (anyone? anyone?), we can’t help but think it’s going to be an incredible feature.
Why? Well because now brands, creators, small businesses, and more can pre-schedule their Instagram Lives up to 90 days in advance! Plus, IG recently announced a new tool called “Practice Mode,” which will give you the option to test out your Live in advance. So that stress that your lighting is terrible or that you’re going to completely mess something up can be taken away!
how to schedule a live on instagram

How does Instagram Live Scheduling Work?

First things first, what’s the point in scheduling something that is live? Well, like most in-person events, this is just a nice RSVP to an event on your followers’ screens. This will give your audience a way to plan their day around the Live and can help you build up more hype around going live!
One of the best features around scheduling a Live is you can now share reminders and countdowns directly to your Instagram Story and feed to remind your followers of the date and time. And because you can now schedule your lives up to 90 days in advance, you’ll have lots and lots of time to get people excited and spread the word!

How to schedule an Instagram Live:

  1. Open up the Instagram Stories camera and swipe over to the “live” tab on the side. Select “schedule” from the side panel.
  2. Enter your Live information: Video title, start date and time, tagged products, and select “Schedule Live Video.”
  3. Tap the three dots to choose to edit or “Share as Post.”
instagram live scheduling
If you decide to choose “Share as Post,” your audience will be able to sign up for reminders and notifications so they’ll get an alert when you go live.
share countdown to instagram live
You can also share a countdown for your Live to your story! How do you do this? Go to your Instagram Story, click the sticker option, and select the “scheduled” sticker.

What is Instagram Live Practice Mode?

To coincide with their Instagram Live Scheduling, Instagram has also introduced “Practice Mode.”
If you, like us, have been incredibly nervous about a Live and want to make sure your lighting is good, your internet connection works, and want to practice what you want to say, Instagram Practice Mode is the perfect addition to Instagram’s new features list.
Are you excited about Instagram Live Scheduling? Do you think you’ll use it or give it a pass? Let us know over on Instagram! Want to learn more about Instagram Lives and what to do for your next one? We’ve got you.

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How does Instagram Live Scheduling Work?

How to schedule an Instagram Live:

What is Instagram Live Practice Mode?

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