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Instagram Releases “Add Reminder” Feature for Feed Posts

Instagram released a new feature to add to your feed posts—Add Reminders. Learn all about how to utilize this feature for your account and more!

Posted 8 months ago

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 8 months ago
If you haven’t noticed it already (and if you haven’t, you should see my timeline—everyone and their mother is using it on mine), Instagram rolled out a new feature that is good for brands and creators! What is this magical new feature?
Introducing: Add Reminder, where your followers can tap on a bell icon in the corner of your post to see upcoming event details and choose to opt-in to receive reminders about the event.
Even better? You can share the post to your Story with a little reminder tag so people can opt-in to be reminded from there as well!
So if you’re got an upcoming Instagram Live, a new song releasing, an event, releasing a product, or anything in-between with a release date—you can add a reminder tag to your post!
add reminder to instagram

How to add a reminder to an Instagram post

Adding a reminder is super duper simple, and if you’re currently a brand that is tagging products in your posts, the process is very similar!
  1. Create a new Instagram post
  2. On the “New Post” page under “Tag People,” click “Add reminder”
  3. Fill out all the reminder details like date, time, and the title of the event
Top tip: Reminders can only be set one hour before up to 3 months before an event. So make sure that you’re not throwing something online too late or too early!
What happens when someone opts in for a notification?

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Your follower will receive three notifications about the event:

  1. 24 hours before the event
  2. 15 minutes before the event
  3. When the event is starting


How to add a reminder to an Instagram post

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