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The Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts

Explore our list of the best social media marketing podcasts for creators and businesses looking for actionable tips, news and more.

Posted 4 months ago

Written by

Julia Cohen
Posted 4 months ago
Podcasts are often described as an ‘unsung hero’ when it comes to marketing. Almost like a radio station that is tailored to your unique interests or hobbies, podcasts are the perfect soundtrack to your everyday work, bus ride, run, or when you can’t get to sleep. And, there are plenty of podcasts that make learning and upskilling fun, especially for social media managers who want to stay up to date with our EVER changing industry. Today, we’re going through our top picks of the best social media marketing podcasts for businesses, social media managers, entrepreneurs, and more, that’ll give you a long list of material to work with.

The 8 Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts

#1 Talk Social To Me

Our personal fave on our list of the best social media marketing podcasts is ‘Talk Social To Me’. Talk Social To Me is a “podcast bringing you all things social media news, memes, lolz, and everything in-between.” It covers the latest in social media news, with conversational topics and key learnings about what’s going on in the world, and what you should know, but don’t have time to research, because you’re a Social Media Manager and you have no time for anything, right?
The podcast also covers tips and techniques when it comes to strategy, featuring different speakers who actually work in the industry. Hosted by Mackenzie from Flick, it makes understanding a complex and sometimes ambiguous industry, a lot easier. It’s the perfect balance of learning/staying up to date, with laughs, interviews (with fellow creators and social media marketing managers!), and attempts to dissect Elon Musk’s psyche. There’s never a dull moment on the Talk Social To Me Podcast, so give it a go below!

#2 Social Media Marketing Talk Show

This weekly podcast is hosted by The Social Media Examiner team, so you know it’s legit. The main focus is trending news stories in social media, with an aim to improve your social media marketing strategy, across multiple platforms. If you work across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and everything in between, this is a good podcast to gain insights on specific topics that you want to upskill or catch up on current news and its link with social media.

#3 Hashtag Authentic

‘Hashtag Authentic’ is hosted by Sara Tasker, who approaches her advice from the lens of a Creator who has built up her platform successfully over time. Sara covers tips and strategies, linking them with real-life moments, which makes it feel like you’re part of a conversation with an old friend. Hearing advice, especially from someone who has genuinely seen organic growth on her channel gives listeners real actionable insights they can apply to their own personal (and professional) pages. Sara is an inspiring example to listen to, as she focuses on growing your page from scratch.

#4 The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media is a weekly rendezvous from Buffer, which explores best practices and “insights from marketing experts.” A lot of these episodes are geared towards brands, and how they can stand out in an overcrowded market, especially on socials, with crash courses on custom ads, engagement, and more. With this Podcast, rather than listening to each episode in succession, we prefer to pick the episodes that are relevant to our interests, as each installment is niche and targeted toward different audiences within socials.

#5 Social Media Decoded

This social media marketing podcast is hosted by Michelle Thames, a social media strategist and influencer, who has worked with the likes of Olay, Subway, and Lenovo to name a few. Michelle shares tips on social media and business strategies to help brands succeed online, alongside actionable tips and interviews with other social experts peppered in here and there. What’s great about Michelle’s podcasts is that the episodes range from 8 minutes to 38 minutes, which means you don’t have to set aside too much time to have a listen.

#6 The Shine Online Podcast

This one is geared towards smaller businesses, personal pages, and entrepreneurs, who want a collaborative and community feel from the podcasts they listen to. Hosted by Natasha Samuel, each episode focuses on different social media features, and how to use them effectively as part of your strategy – it also goes beyond the social media industry, with advice on speaking to your consumers, starting a podcast (how meta), and landing your dream job.

#7 Savvy Social Podcast

If you’re looking for quick insights and techniques to implement in the social media space, then the Savvy Social podcast is for you. Andréa Jones takes on a new social media strategic technique every week, speaks to other experts, and passes along her own advice from her career experience. Often, Andréa will bring on guests who are able to offer insights and expertise from their point of view, covering Pinterest marketing, SEO, and general marketing advice. Jones also records all of her episodes, so if you prefer video content to pure listening, this one might be more your bag.

#8 Reply All

Feeling like you’re always behind on the latest social trends and cultural references (thanks TikTok)? Try Reply All: ‘A podcast about the internet that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.” Whilst it isn’t about all things social strategy, it’s a great listen when you want to be a part of the digital conversation, and find inspiration for clever content you can create that references current social trends. This is definitely one for those who want more of a story and social commentary, rather than specific insights into social media and marketing strategies.
You’re now packed with the best social media marketing podcast suggestions that you can listen to whilst you work (we won’t tell anyone) or bring up in conversation next time someone asks you for a recommendation. These listens will give you food for thought, but if you’re more of a reader, you might enjoy our Newsletter, Talk Social To Me, which covers quick news, funny memes, and social media learnings:


The 8 Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts

Talk Social To Me

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