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Apr 09, 2021
Instagram How To's

What is the Instagram Reels Remix Feature?

What is Instagram Reels Remix and why should you start using it to reach more people and increase your organic engagement? Find out here.

Julia Cohen

Instagram have recently rolled out a new feature, which allows users to get a little more collaborative with their Reels – meet Remix. In this article, we delve into what Remix actually is, how and why you should use it and how to make sure you have Remix turned on as a feature.

What is the Instagram Reel Remix feature? πŸ€”

Put simply, Instagram’s Remix feature lets you create a Reel in response to an already-existing ones. It’s pretty similar to TikTok’s duet feature, in that you can allow users to respond to your Reels with their own, or on the flipside, you can respond to other people’s Reels in a ‘reaction style’ format.

Why use the Remix feature? πŸ™Œ

Whilst it may seem like a simple feature update, Remix actually opens up a lot more opportunities for creating viral, exciting content on Reels. Here’s why:

  1. You can repurpose already existing Reels easily and quickly. Not only is this a great way to pad out the content on your feed and make sure you are staying consistent, but it’s also a good organic medium and source for content ideas. And, this isn’t exclusive to just one niche. Whether you want to respond to a dance trend, or create a comedy piece – there’s Reels for everyone, so there are Remixes for everyone.
  2. The content you create can go even further (and potential become viral) because you are giving it so many more opportunities to be shared, beyond just posting once. If someone decides to Remix your Reel, that original Reel will be shown to their following, and anyone else who decides to do the same. This increases your Reach to a multitude of accounts who may not have otherwise seen your content. More eyes = more opportunities for valuable followers and engagement.
  3. It’s essentially a new content format. Much like Reels, feed posts, IGTV, Stories etc. Remixed Reels are almost a whole new feature piece of content in themselves. Historically, if you jump on the bandwagon soon after Instagram releases a feature, it’s more likely your content will be pushed to people as they encourage users to take advantage of the new features.

How do you use the Instagram Reels Remix feature? πŸ‘€

So you know what it is, and you know why you should use it, but how do you make sure your Reels can be Remixed, and how do you Remix a Reel?

How to make sure people can Remix your Reels:Β 

Head to your privacy settings on your Instagram profile.

Tap Reels, and then toggle ‘Enable Remix’ on or off depending on your preferences.

You can also allow selected Reels to be Remixed if you want to pick and mix. To do this, just go to the Reel you would like to enable for Remix, click the ‘…’ icon in the bottom right corner, and select ‘Enable Remixing.’

How to Remix a Reel:

Select the video you want to Remix and cross your fingers that they have Remix enabled.

Click the ‘…’ icon in the bottom right corner, and select ‘Remix This Reel’.

Record your Reel alongside the original – your video will appear on the left and theirs will appear on the right.

Edit your video – you can also Remix the music by tapping the mix icon and editing by adding in the music you like.

Share your video and you’re good to go!

We hope you learned a little more about how to start Remix your Instagram Reels and get your content out to an even wider audience. If you want to push your posts even farther, learn our top tips for using strategic and targeted hashtags, below.

what is Instagram Reels Remix

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