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Mar 17, 2020
How to use Flick, Instagram Hashtags

Everything You Need to Know About Analytics Pro

Everything you need to know about Analytics Suite Pro & Hashtag Tracking, the powerful feature, that provides clarity to your hashtag performance.

Sam King

Have you ever made a post on Instagram, checked the analytics, seen you’ve received impressions from the hashtags you’ve used, and thought, “If only I knew exactly which hashtags were providing me the most impressions?”
Hashtag Tracking is a small but powerful feature, inside Analytics Suite Pro that provides clarity to your hashtag performance and speeds up checking which hashtags your post has ranked on, 10-fold.
With hashtag tracking, you can see exactly what hashtags your post ranked on and the position it ranked within the ‘top posts’ feed of said hashtag – all within a matter of seconds.
However, there’s a lot more Flick does with hashtag data.
Not only does Hashtag Tracking provide clarity around which hashtags are working on a post-level, but it allows Flick to learn what hashtags are working for you over-time, couple this data up with our existing hashtag data and provide you with the insights you need to supercharge your hashtag strategy.
So, how does that work?
Flick will watch over your hashtag usage, taking into account:
  • The size of a hashtag
  • The position(s) you ranked in
  • How long you were ranking in said position(s)
Then, it will provide detailed metrics and insights into which hashtags are providing the most value across multiple posts.
One of the key metrics we’ve created is the efficiency score, which is finely-tuned to every hashtag you use. These scores are dynamic and the more you use a hashtag, the more accurate it gets.
Who can benefit from Hashtag Tracking?
Hashtag Tracking is specifically designed to help Creators, online stores, small and large brands, business owners & agencies, however it’s useful for anyone who is:
  • Tired of looking through hashtags manually to see whether or not their posts are ranking.
  • Trying to understand which hashtags are working best for them so they can optimize their strategy.
  • Frustrated with the lack of clarity around which hashtags they should keep using.
  • Creating or improving a hashtag strategy.
  • Trying to reach more people on Instagram but doesn’t want to spend too long creating a hashtag strategy.
How do I use it?
Once you’ve started a trial for Analytics Suite Pro, simply continue posting, and Flick will track every post you make and the hashtags you’ve used on it, telling you which ones you’ve ranked on, and which ones you didn’t.
Not only will we do this, but we also track this data over time to give you insights into which hashtags you should keep using, and which ones should be thrown in the bin.
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