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Updates to Competition and Potential Reach Scores

Multiple improvements to our Competition and Potential Reach Scores that will help you generate more Impressions from every hashtag you use.

Posted 1 year ago

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Sam King
Posted 1 year ago
Identifying hashtags that are going to provide you with the best results can be time-consuming and confusing, especially if you’re unsure which metrics are going to guide you in the right direction. However, when you get it right, you unlock a powerful channel to continuously reach brand new audiences that are yet to discover your brilliant content, personality, and unique offering.
Whether you’re a full-time numbers-whizz, or you’re more creatively driven, we want you to be able to generate more Impressions from every hashtag you use, without breaking a sweat. To help you with this, we’re excited to announce multiple improvements to our Competition and Potential Reach metrics – the easiest metrics to use to help you identify awesome hashtag opportunities.
Although the scores may look the same on the outside, what’s happening on the inside is now a lot more powerful. Not only is each metric going to be a lot clearer and easier for you to use, but they are constantly evolving and learning.
We want to help you get more Impressions on every post you make. And now after over 8 months of releasing the first version of the Competition and Potential Reach metrics, we have significantly more data about hashtags, how people use them, and what has worked best for over 35,000 Instagram accounts. Over the past few months, our data scientist has taken all of this intel and used it to improve our estimations, and introduce two new data-sources to each of the metrics: the hashtag usage and performance data from other Instagram accounts linked to Flick, which helps improve the scores over time.

Let’s cut to the chase, how will this affect you, and what may change as a result of it?

  1. You’re more likely to spot awesome hashtag opportunities – hashtags that have a high-Potential Reach, and a low Competition Score.
  2. You can be even more confident in using these aggregated scores to decide which hashtags to use.
  3. When searching or looking through your Collections, you’re likely to notice that hashtags within the ‘medium’ competition range are easier to differentiate.
  4. You may notice a little shuffle in the order of some of your ‘top-performing’ and ‘medium performing’ hashtags, don’t worry if this is the case, you aren’t going to see any go from being one of your best to be one of your worst hashtags.
The scores are now live in Flick, and you can check them out by searching for some new hashtags! If you’re still yet to try Flick and you’ve stumbled across this article, we invite you to start a 7-day free trial and see if Flick can help you find high-quality Instagram hashtags that are perfect for your Instagram account.

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