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12 Best TikTok Filters and Effects to Use Today

New to TikTok? Filters are a fun way to get started! Here are our favorite TikTok filters to start using today.

Posted 2 months ago

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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 months ago
If you’ve been on social media at any point since social media’s conception, you’ll be all too familiar with filters. Across all areas of social media, filters have become a pretty big thing. You’ve got your cartoon filters, your movie-style filters, your make-up filters, and so many more. With each new update, it seems like TikTok releases new and improved filters. If you’re looking for filters to level up your next TikTok video, here is a selection of our favorite TikTok filters.

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  1. What are TikTok Filters?
    • G6
    • F3
    • Tonal
    • V1
    • Disney
    • California
    • S5
    • Anime
    • Inverted
    • Warmth
    • V11
    • V6

What are TikTok Filters?

If you’re familiar with Instagram filters, odds are TikTok filters won’t surprise you. Not to be confused with TikTok effects, filters can be used to change the color balance and overall ~vibe~ of your videos. So while effects may add detail, it’s the filters that create your aesthetic. The filters are organized into four different categories: portrait, landscape, food, and vibe. This way, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to boost the quality of your content and better attract followers.
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Why Should You Use TikTok Filters?

TikTok filters are an excellent way to streamline the aesthetic of your TikTok presence. By remaining consistent in your filter usage (or curating a strategy for switching it up), you’re more likely to increase consumer loyalty and attract a new audience.
Also, not every TikTok user has a professional camera or a videographer behind the lens (though the iPhone does do a pretty good job). By using TikTok filters, however, you are able to edit your videos in the app to improve the quality and deliver a more professional feel to your audience.

How to Use TikTok Filters

Applying TikTok filters is beginner-friendly, and it only takes a few short steps to get your filtered videos up and running. The steps are as follows:
  1. Open TikTok and click the “+” button at the bottom center of the screen.
  2. Click the “Filters” icon on the right side of the screen before recording your video.
  3. Browse the options and select the filter you want to use, then exit the “Filter” page and record your video.
Note: If you forget to select the filter before you begin recording, fear not; it can be added later. Simply add the filter on the “Preview” screen using these steps before you publish your video.

Best TikTok Filters

Not sure which filter to use? We’ve rounded up 12 of the most popular choices for all kinds of TikTok users, so you can feel comfortable getting started with some fan favorites.
TikTok Users Are Doing the G6 Filter Challenge for a Glow Up


Originally a Food Filter, G6 has become a popular option for users looking for a colorful, retro feel.


F3 is a popular portrait filter. This one is great for lightening dark videos, as well as adding warmth and contrast.


Tonal is an easy choice for a black and white filter. As is, the filter is a standard grayscale, but if you play with the intensity a bit you could end up with a unique balance of color and monochrome.


Another great black and white filter, V1 can be found in the “Vibe” category. This one has more of a vintage feel, adding a charcoal kind of style to your videos.


Another Snapchat-born filter, this one turns you into a Disney character. Like Anime, you must have the Snapchat app to access this filter, but it’s worth the download.


A common “Landscape” filter, California alters the white balance in your videos to brighten dark colors and made your landscape appear more vivid.


Another “Portrait” filter, F5 is great for adding intensity to your videos. This preset deepens saturation, exaggerates contrast, and adds shadows to your videos for a more dramatic effect.
The Anime Filter on TikTok Shows What You'd Look Like as an Anime


The Anime filter rolled over from Snapchat as users began posting content across both platforms, and it has become more popular ever since. Using it requires a Snapchat account, but once that’s downloaded (if you didn’t already have it), you can use it to turn yourself into an Anime character.


The Inverted filter flips your face in the camera, which users say shows an image of how other people really view you. It may be a little trippy, but it’s a great choice for more dynamic videos.


Warmth is one of the many “Portrait” filters, and it is great for deepening warm colors in your videos to make you and your content look more lively.


V11, also known as the Fantasy filter (found in “Vibe”), adds a blush tint to your videos. It’s perfect for the summer, and it’s become hugely popular among young TikTokers and influencers alike.


Another “Vibe” filter, V6 adds a purple hue to your videos. If you’re looking to enhance party videos or to add a unique pop of color, V6 is the way to go.
Now that you have all of your TikTok filters down, it’s time to start using them and growing your following. Not sure how to do that? Click here to read how to grow your TikTok followers today.


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What are TikTok Filters?

Why Should You Use TikTok Filters?

How to Use TikTok Filters

Best TikTok Filters

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