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150 Things to Comment on Your Friend’s Instagram Post

If you’re struggling on things to comment under the photo that isn’t just “you look amazing!” we’ve got just the comments for you! Here are 150 things you can comment on your friend’s Instagram post!

Posted 1 month ago

Written by

Alex Rosone
Posted 1 month ago
You’re scrolling through Instagram, seeing photo after photo, meme after meme, and then suddenly you see a photo of your best friend who posted an incredible selfie and you need to say something about it. They look incredible and they need to know how incredible they look! If you’re struggling on things to comment under the photo that isn’t just “you look amazing!” we’ve got just the comments for you! Here are 150 things you can comment on your friend’s Instagram post!

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    Funny Things to Comment on Your Friend’s Instagram Post

    1. You look fresher than a $15 salad.
    2. Do you have a tip jar? Because you are serving!
    3. Aren’t you tired of making us all so jealous?
    4. Get the fire department on the phone…we have a hottie alert!
    5. Has Instagram turned into a telescope? Because I’m looking at a star.
    6. Someone call life alert…I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up!
    7. Stop, drop, and roll…you are straight fire.
    8. Turns out you weren’t lying when you said you’d been hitting the gym!
    9. I love this pic more than we love pizza…which is saying a lot.
    10. Everyone else might as well pack up and go home…no one is going to top this.
    11. Turning on my hotspot for when this breaks the internet.
    12. You’re finally almost as hot as I am.
    things to comment on your friend's instagram post

    For the Fit

    1. Ok…when can I borrow this?
    2. Are you on your way to fashion week?
    3. Editorial Alert!
    4. Which magazine are you posing for today?
    5. I didn’t know you became a stylist!
    6. This belongs on the cover of Vogue.
    7. Begging you to take me shopping.
    8. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were a fashion icon.
    9. Can I shop in your closet?
    10. How is it even possible to look this cool?
    11. This look belongs on the red carpet!
    12. Where are the paparazzi?
    13. Putting this picture on my mood board.
    14. Please start a vlog so I can use it for inspo.
    15. Best #OOTD I’ve ever seen!
    16. #Drip
    17. It’s official…I’m letting you style me next time we go out.
    18. Watch this outfit…I might steal it when you aren’t looking.
    19. Perfect fit…no [baseball cap emoji]

    Cute Things to Post on Your Friend’s Instagram Post

    1. You’re glowing!
    2. Beauty Queen.
    3. Your smile is contagious.
    4. Your beauty has no boundaries.
    5. You are my sunshine.
    6. Just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.
    7. This pic has had me smiling at my phone all day!
    8. You really light up a room…and my Instagram feed.
    9. Who allowed you to look so cute?
    10. Can’t believe there’s finally a photo worth a billion dollars!
    11. Has anyone ever seen such beauty?
    12. I’ll be dreaming of this pic!
    13. You’re always blessing my feed.
    14. Please slow down…my heart can’t keep up!
    15. It’s official…this just won cutest pic of the year.
    16. I’m sorry in advance for all the comments I’m about to leave…I just can’t get enough of this pic!
    17. You’re cuter than a basket of puppies (which I didn’t think was possible).
    18. Just wondering how many [heart eyes emoji] is too many.
    19. Happiness looks great on you.
    20. Someone call NASA because your beauty is out of this world!
    21. You are magic!

    Hype Them Up

    1. I’m on my way to get this framed right now!
    2. Someone needs to get you a modeling contract.
    3. God/goddess alert!
    4. Hottest BFF in the world is taken #SorryNotSorry
    5. My best friend is a model! #HumbleBrag
    6. How are you not verified yet?
    7. #FIERCE
    8. So hot I have to let my phone cool down.
    9. Not pictured: me dying at how hot you are.
    10. Everyone needs to bow down.
    11. Who needs inspirational quotes when I can just look at you instead?
    12. This picture should have come with a warning label.
    14. Are you signing autographs?
    15. Hottie with a body
    16. No one told me the Queen/King was in town.
    17. I need to clear my schedule…I’m too busy being obsessed with you!
    18. I didn’t know hot girl summer was going to last all year!
    19. Excuse me, everyone, but we need y’all to double-tap this!
    20. Why hasn’t this pic gone viral yet?
    21. Teach me your ways.
    22. #GOAT
    23. My screen time from looking at this picture is dangerous.
    24. Instagram should pay you for this pic!
    25. Influencer Alert!
    26. I don’t remember following a model!
    27. You must be an influencer because I want to do everything you’re doing.
    28. They say you learn something new every day, and today I learned you’re the hottest person on Insta.
    29. #Sheeeeesh
    things to comment on a group instagram post

    For a Group Pic

    1. Bestie time is the best time!
    2. #SquadUp
    3. Dying to hear more about this night IRL.
    4. When worse comes to worst, squad comes first.
    5. Friends Turned Family
    6. #BetterTogether
    7. On our worst behavior.
    8. Wifey for lifey
    9. Friends who slay together, stay together.
    10. #VibeTribe
    11. All aboard the Hot Mess Express.
    12. Kelly Clarkson said it best…my life would suck without you!
    13. We had to be best friends because the world couldn’t handle us as siblings!
    14. #ChosenFamily
    15. Let’s run this back…k?
    16. They hate us because they ain’t us.
    17. Let’s relive this day forever!
    18. Kind people are my kinda people.
    19. Gorgeous gorgeous girls.
    20. Friends forever, always together
    21. Distance means so little when someone means so much
    22. #FriendshipGoals
    23. Partners in Crime.
    24. I wish I was having this kind of fun!
    25. Sometimes days like this are the best therapy.
    26. Brightest smiles for the brightest friends.
    27. Get me a time machine so I can go back to this night!
    28. We go together like tacos and tequila (which we should go get soon, by the way).
    29. What do you mean you ain’t never seen two pretty best friends?
    30. Already counting the minutes until we’re together again!
    31. Wait, why aren’t we doing this again right now?
    32. We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which of us is the bad influence.

    For Selfies

    1. This is so hot it probably melted the selfie stick.
    2. Even if you weren’t in this picture alone, I wouldn’t be able to look at anyone else!
    3. I wish I was the camera.
    4. #Iconic
    5. We are all indebted to you for giving us this pic.
    6. Is it possible to fall in love with a picture?
    7. These angles are perfect…probably because you’re perfect!
    8. My jaw is on the floor!
    9. Love this for you.
    10. Am I asleep? Because you look like a dream!
    11. Thank you on behalf of humankind for blessing us with this selfie.
    12. Can I be you when I grow up?
    13. #Flawless
    14. Stunning doesn’t even begin to cover it!
    15. Are you even real?
    16. This must be a professional shot!
    17. Is there a filter that will make me look like this?

    Flirty Things to Comment on Your Friend’s Instagram Post

    1. Marry me?
    2. Such a babe.
    3. I wish I could ‘superlike’ this picture.
    4. I thought no one was perfect until I saw this picture.
    5. Back off, y’all. He’s/she’s/they’re mine.
    6. Break my heart.
    7. This picture gave me butterflies.
    8. I’d let you ruin my life.
    9. Can’t stop thinking about you.
    10. I can close my phone now…this is the best thing I’m going to see today.
    11. Has anyone ever been this gorgeous?
    12. Crushing hard.
    13. Damn…I’m speechless.
    14. Are you free tonight?
    15. See you in your DMs.
    16. I would risk it all.
    17. Feeling like I just ran a marathon…I can’t catch my breath.
    18. How do you get hotter every time I see you?
    19. Is it even legal to look this good?
    20. You’re a dime

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