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10 Skills Every Social Media Manager Needs

So you want to be a social media manager but are not sure you’ve got what it takes? Here are the 10 skills you need to be a social media manager.

Posted 1 month ago

Written by

Alex Rosone
Posted 1 month ago
As social media has become such an integral part of marketing and brand development, talented social media managers have become more critical than ever. And this job is not for the faint of heart. A good social media manager is a jack of all trades. Someone unafraid to put on different hats and embrace the wide range of responsibilities necessary for effective social media management. Someone who knows what it takes to be both a social media manager and a customer support role. Someone who possesses the following 10 skills necessary for success in the role. Here are the 10 skills every social media manager needs:

10 skills every Social Media Manager needs

Creativity 🎨

This is a big one, people. Any social media manager worth their salt will reliably produce creative content to separate your brand from the others. They will be able to develop inventive campaigns, generate engaging content, and turn something average into something remarkable.

Proactivity 🏃‍♂️

A successful social media manager is a go-getter. They do not sit around and wait for success to come to them, but they go out and create it themselves. They stay on top of social media and marketing trends, keeping your brand one step ahead of the competition. The industry may be ever-changing, but a good social media manager is capable of changing with it.

Copywriting ✍️

While social media managing may not appear to be a writing job, copy is at its core. Social media managers should be able to write effective, engaging copy that communicates brand values and matches brand aesthetic. They should be able to use words to captivate an audience while simultaneously delivering an important message.
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Communication 🤳

Social media managers should have strong communications skills both on and off the screen. In order to connect with your audience and best promote your brand, your social media manager needs to be as good of a listener as they are a writer or a speaker. They need to interact appropriately with followers, master your brand’s voice, and apply it to your social media presence.

Leadership 🫡

In a role with so many different responsibilities, social media managers must be unafraid to take the lead. They should be able to manage team members, communicate ideas, spearhead projects and initiatives, and make positive contributions to the brand and its culture.

Organization 📚

Between managing calendars, developing strategies, coordinating collaborations, scheduling posts, launching campaigns, and working with other team members, social media managers must be organized and focused. This is a job with a lot of moving pieces, so the right person for the role needs to manage that effectively and efficiently.

Design 👨‍🎨

Social media management is almost equal parts writing and design, so a social media manager needs to have a keen eye. They should be able to produce graphics and visual content that align with the brand’s aesthetic and attract customers while also serving marketing initiatives.

Analytics 📊

While the job seems mostly creative, there is an intense analytic piece that requires social media managers to cross the line from the creative brain to the logical one. They’ll need to audit accounts, analyze data, optimize time and money, and use these conclusions to inform future strategies.
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Flexibility 🧘‍♂️

Social media is an industry that is changing every day, and a good social media manager needs to be comfortable keeping up. They should be able to adapt their strategies to fit a flexible market without losing sight of the brand goals. They should also be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any issues that arise, offering creative solutions to new problems.

Customer Service 👩‍💻

Your social media manager will be regularly interacting with customers, so it is critical they are able to do so effectively. This requires a friendly, engaging demeanor that will serve your customers and promote loyalty to your brand. These conversational skills will work wonders for maintaining your audience.
So … do you have what it takes? Remember, part of being a social media manager is a constant willingness to learn and grow, so don’t be afraid to brush up on your skills as you embrace this career path!
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10 skills every Social Media Manager needs

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