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Instagram Update: What’s New in October?

There’s been a few changes on Instagram as of recent – some big, some small. In this monthly series, we give you the need to know info on what’s new on the platform, as well as a little advice as to how you can use it to your advantage, or what it means for your…

Posted 2 years ago
October instagram update

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Julia Cohen
Posted 2 years ago
There’s been a few changes on Instagram as of recent – some big, some small. In this monthly series, we give you the need to know info on what’s new on the platform, as well as a little advice as to how you can use it to your advantage, or what it means for your account. Welcome to the October Instagram update.

October 2019 Update 🎃

The current amount of posts made in the hashtag ‘#october’? Roughly 2.9m this month alone.

Trick or treat: Instagram’s algorithm changes 📈

The algorithm has changed again (October is spooky season after all), but this doesn’t mean you have to panic. The truth is, the algorithm is always changing – you just have to learn how to navigate it. Firstly, posts are shown more when you are connected with a specific user: ask your followers to turn their post notifications on and try and use captions that encourage a response, and really engage those who are interacting with your profile.
Instagram also has consistently been developing their image recognition software, so using hashtags that are descriptive will help your posts show up in feeds or on explore pages. Make sure you’re consistent with what you post, and are posting with a strategy in mind, and the algorithm can be more of a treat than a trick for your account.

The following tab has officially ghosted 👻

Often used to keep tabs on other accounts, the following tab has been removed from the Instagram interface. This means that you can no longer see the activity of those you follow – whether it be the posts they like, what they comment on, or who they start following. Head of Product at Instagram, Vishal Shah explained that the company removed the feature to make the platform simpler, as a plethora of users weren’t even aware it existed. Annnnd it might be a good remedy for reducing Insta-stalking too…

Threads are now a thing 🧵

So, Instagram has officially launched Threads – a “camera-first messaging app” which allows friends to send visual direct messages. You may have seen ads for this on the Instagram platform recently, as the app allows you to share photos and videos instantly, set statuses and group your Instagram conversations on both Threads and the original platform. This is a much more intimate platform, directed more at personal connection rather than platform marketing, so we are excited to see where it leads.

Instagram is your new dressing room 👗

The platform is starting to include shoppable products, where you can try on items virtually, and handily check out if you like the look of them. This has been tested out from a variety of different brands, from beauty to accessories. The technology is likely to become more realistic as time goes on, but for now this is a smart move when marketing to a consumer-base that wants immediate satisfaction.

The dark side ▓

You might have already noticed the beta testing Instagram are doing, which changes the whole interface to a darker colour palette. This can be enabled or disabled if you prefer the older version, but we’re not totally against this new, sleek look.

The Instagram Newsroom 🗞

On the rumour mill 🆕

  • It’s been rumoured that Instagram are starting to crack down even more on bots – this time they are supposedly tackling bots that mass-view stories from accounts, in an attempt to gain followers and more visibility.

The one where Jennifer Aniston got Instagram 👫

The famous celebrity made an entrance when she joined Instagram on the 15th of October, posting a photo with all of her old cast-mates from the iconic TV show, Friends. Aniston racked up an impressive 18.5m followers and counting just from her first post – impressive.
We hope you enjoyed this October Instagram update! Make sure to check back in November, for the next update – happy posting!


October 2019 Update 🎃

The Instagram Newsroom 🗞

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