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Apr 22, 2021
How to use Flick

NEW! Story & IGTV Post Analytics

Today we released some major changes to our Analytics Suite that will help lift the fog from the areas you previously weren’t able to gain insights into…👇

Sam King

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…Building a solid Instagram strategy is much, much easier when you have complete visibility over every aspect of your Instagram account.

Today we released some major changes to our Analytics Suite that will help lift the fog from the areas you previously weren’t able to gain insights into…Here’s what’s new. 👇

Story Analytics 

  • Quickly identify what is and isn’t working through visual analytics.
  • Understand how many story posts people are watching before they tap away
  • Visually identify audience drop off points across your story posts
  • Identify trends by comparing a day’s worth of stories to another

IGTV Analytics

  • Access detailed engagement insights on your IGTV content 
  • Track which hashtags your IGTV’s are ranking on, and working best. 


New Performance Metrics for your Content, Account, and Hashtags

  • Track your profile’s Conversion and Click-through rates
  • See the amount of time you’ve spent ranking on hashtags
  • Compare your account’s performance to previous time-frames

And that’s not all…we’ve also given our Analytics Suite a brand new look and feel, to make the experience you have with Flick even better. 

  • See top-level analytics for each page (Overview, Content, Hashtags, Account)
  • Improvements to the navigation and layout to make using Flick more cohesive across different screen sizes
  • Multiple user experience improvements to graphs, viewing data across different time periods, fixes to timezone issues


How will this help you?

The new Analytics Suite is specifically designed to fit into your workflow, whether you are managing a social media account as a small creator or a large corporation. The changes allow you to track and report on Instagram performance at an even more granular level, so you can really get into the details and understand which formats, content styles, and features are helping achieve your goals. 

You can now: 

  1. Compare your wider social media or marketing goals with even more specified analytics. 
  2. Understand which Stories are resonating the most with your audience, through metrics such as drop-off, and completion rates. This allows you to benchmark your content formats and measure whether an interactive Story with a poll, for example, performs better than a behind-the-scenes Story, in relation to your specified KPIs and marketing goals. 
  3. Track IGTV videos, a feature that isn’t yet available anywhere else. This is a gamechanger for Instagram strategies everywhere because you can now actually measure concrete metrics that will signify whether or not your IGTV content is resonating, driving engagement, or helping you stay connected on Instagram.
  4. Identify the best, and worst-performing areas of your strategy with new visual data for your content, hashtags, and profile. 


We hope these changes improve the visibility you have of your account’s performance, and allow you to adjust your strategy accordingly. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it!


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