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Instagram Update: What’s Happened in August 2020?

Welcome to Flick’s Instagram Update for August 2020! We go through everything from Instagram’s new crackdown on bots to their Checkout features.

Posted 2 years ago
Instagram update August 2020

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Julia Cohen
Posted 2 years ago

Welcome back to our Instagram update for August 2020! We’re so excited to share with you everything that has been released, updated, or announced on the platform. Over the course of August Instagram introduced some new features for brands and creators to experiment with, and we can’t wait to cover them all today. Take a look at our personal updates to Flick for August here!

Instagram August 2020 Update 📌

Bots be gone 🤖

We already know that both Instagram and Facebook hate anything but organic growth, but they have taken this a step further by actively looking into accounts they deem suspicious. They will restrict accounts or ask for ID confirmation in line with their new ID process. If they deem the activity on your account “inauthentic” hey will ask you to confirm the identity of your account. Some factors that might deem an account inauthentic:

  • Followers are mostly from a different country than the user’s marked location
  • Any signs of automation, mass likes, follows or account creation

We’ve said this a lot – but bot actions, buying likes or followers and anything non-organic on Instagram can really hurt your reach and engagement. It’s never worth doing it with the risk of your account getting removed or penalized, and ultimately you won’t reach your goal. Always utilize and look for organic growth strategies, if you want to succeed on Instagram.

Instagram Checkout 🛍

After much anticipation, Checkout has officially arrived – that is, if you are based in the US. Instagram. announced on the 25th of August that “all eligible US businesses and creators can use Checkout, which. lets you buy and sell products directly on Instagram.” This means, you no longer need to exit the app to make your purchases – you can do everything directly on Instagram. The move suggests Instagram’s continued shift towards becoming an all-in-one platform, going beyond social media to create an entire marketplace – with Reels also coming out fairly recently, it’s likely we will see even more releases that push users to see Instagram as the only platform they need.

new features instagram

Extend information with QR codes ❗️

Instagram has extended its use of QR codes in order to make the platform easier to use and make each profile like a mini-website. You can now scan a business’ QR code to see their hours, have the option to actually purchase products and more. In order to find your personal QR code, all you have to do is visit your Instagram profile, tap the menu, and then hit QR code. Then you can start sharing with friends, customers, and whoever else you would like to reach!

Stop sending accidental DMs 🙈

Instagram announced a little while ago that this feature would soon be on the docket, but now it’s out. In a bid to stop users from accidentally sharing private posts to their friends and followers in DMs, you can now choose who can or can’t see a private post or story before you send it!

August 2020 Instagram newsroom 🗞

Voting information ✅

With the US election fast approaching, Instagram has released their new Voting Information Center, where users can actually register to vote, learn how to vote, and access resources about the elections. This is interesting as Instagram is consistently now inserting themselves in larger political conversations, which somewhat humanizes the platform. Whilst it is a place for social media, Instagram is pretty vocal about the wider industry context and has recently started to provide more and more information and resource banks to educate its users.

Instagram update August 2020

New fonts in Instagram Stories 📝

Towards the beginning of the month, Instagram released new fonts for users to play with on their Instagram Stories. Relatively recently they had already rolled out a plethora of new fonts, and now this has extended even further. This gives people more options and aesthetics whether they are showing products, going through hauls, creating elevated content specifically for Stories, or just having fun.

We hope you enjoyed our Instagram Update for August 2020! If you would like to learn more about how you can improve your overall strategy, just take a look at our four tips for organically growing your Instagram account, here.


Instagram August 2020 Update 📌

August 2020 Instagram newsroom 🗞

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