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Instagram Update: What’s New in November?

Want to know the latest instagram update for November? Check out the freshest news in our monthly update, where you can find everything new on Instagram.

Posted 2 years ago
instagram update November

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Julia Cohen
Posted 2 years ago
Welcome to our Instagram update for November! Every month, we release a new blog post, which details what went on in the previous month on Instagram. This time, we’re looking into what one could call: no-likes November since the platform announced last month that they would be officially removing likes. So, if you want to know what else is new on Instagram, keep reading!

November 2019 Update 🍁

The total number of posts in the hashtag #movember currently sits at 2 million.

No more likes 🕵️‍♂️

The biggest thing on Instagram that happened in November was the announcement that the platform would no longer be showing like counts. This has already started to be introduced worldwide, and aims to help deter issues that arise with social media and mental health when it comes to likes. Whilst this metric will now no longer be numerated, you will still be able to scroll through the likes on a post to see who has tapped that heart button. Although this initially caused some uproar in the influencer community, there are still many other metrics that can be used to help measure performance or understand engagement, which we talk about here.

Instagram ‘Reels’ 📽

‘Reels’ is a new feature that Instagram released (at the moment it is only operating in Brazil), that works much in a similar way to rival platform, TikTok. Reels can be accessed via stories, where users can create short, viral video clips which can also be edited in-app. Much like TikTok, Reels allows users to overlay music and sound clips to their videos, as well as alter the speed of their videos, and more. We are excited to see whether this has any affect on TikTok, and creates that same viral atmosphere that Gen Z audiences are loving so much at the moment.

‘Plastic Surgery Filters’ are banned 🙅‍♀️

Ever notice the influx of stories with the people you follow using filters that made their lips, eyes, skin completely altered? In a similar move to removing likes, Instagram has decided to ban filters that are associated with plastic surgery, after a number of complaints from users. Spark AR, who currently run the filters on Instagram announced they would be “removing all effects associated with plastic surgery from the Instagram Effect Gallery”, in addition to “postponing approval of new effects associated with plastic surgery until further notice”.

The Instagram Newsroom 🗞

Insta-stalking? No thanks 🤔

The Like Patrol app was officially removed by Apple, thanks to Instagram sending them a cease-and-desist letter. Why? Because they claimed that it allowed Instagram users to ‘stalk’ one-another. The app allowed users to refill that following tab hole, by telling users when someone they followed liked or commented on another users post.

Social Media Influencers’ Incomes are on the rise 🔍

According to Izea, the average price of a sponsored photo on Instagram has jumped from $134 in 2014 to $1,642 in 2019. This signals how lucrative advertising via digital creators really is, confirming the opportunities there are on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.
We hope you enjoyed this November Instagram update. Make sure to check back in January, for the first update of the new year – happy posting!


November 2019 Update 🍁

The Instagram Newsroom 🗞

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