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Instagram Update: What’s Happened in February 2020?

Welcome to our Instagram update for February 2020, where we talk about what’s new on the platform and what you need to consider for your strategy.

Posted 2 years ago
instagram update February 2020

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Julia Cohen
Posted 2 years ago
Welcome back to our monthly Instagram update, this time for February 2020, where we give you the lowdown on exactly what’s happened on Instagram during the past month. Here is all you need to know, and what you should be considering, based on everything that’s new in February.

February 2020 Update ❤️

The total number of posts in the hashtag #valentinesday is over 19 million.

Influencer Marketing is Getting a Closer Look 🔎

We’re all familiar with sponsored posts from influencers living on our feeds, but until somewhat recently there’s been a blurred line on what is ok and what isn’t when it comes to disclosing online advertising – especially in the influencer marketing space.
The FTC recently cracked down on this issue by stating that “undisclosed influencer marketing posts could result in financial penalties” specifically referring to Instagram and YouTube for common violations. Whilst some influencers do disclose advertising, some merely adhere to the rule by hiding ‘#sponsored’ or ‘#ad’ far down in their captions, where it isn’t immediately visible. It’s important to get this right to avoid getting charged in the future, as it’s likely a serious crackdown is on the horizon.

Instagram released the following tab ➕

As discussed in our recent article, Instagram rolled out a new following tab, which allows users to see who they engage with the most (and the least). This is a useful little feature if you want to see whose posts you might be missing out on and who you don’t really engage with even if you do see their posts. We discuss the implications of this a lot more in depth as well as what this means for influencer marketing, here.

Your DMs got a new look 😉

You may have noticed a new color scheme in your private messages that looks a little familiar. Instagram have now matched their DMs to their overall purple gradient color scheme. Whilst this has split users in terms of their opinions on the update its likely a move to push the platform more in line with the platform’s overall branding and look.

Speaking of DMs…🧐

In an interesting move, Instagram updated its Windows software to allow you to be able to actually send direct messaged on your web browser. This is currently only available on Windows software, but is a big move considering there has never been a possibility to access direct messaging via the web on Instagram before. This is perhaps a test to see whether users like and utilize the feature, in order to further increase audience screen-time on the platform.

The Instagram Newsroom 🗞

Could chronological feeds be making a comeback? ⏰

There has been a leak that Instagram could be working on a feature called ‘Latest Posts’ which would give users the options to see the latest posts appearing on their feeds, no matter who has posted them. Take a look at the leak below!
We hope you enjoyed the Instagram update for February 2020, and we can’t wait to see you next month!


February 2020 Update ❤️

The Instagram Newsroom 🗞

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