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Instagram Update: What’s Happened in April 2020

For the best live classes on Instagram, and everything new on the platform, check out our Instagram update for April 2020! You won’t be disappointed.

Posted 2 years ago
April 2020 instagram update

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Julia Cohen
Posted 2 years ago
Whether you are a creator, a business or a social media manager, the past two months have been shrouded with uncertainty as a result of Covid-19. That said, we hope everyone is doing well, and staying safe at home! Welcome to our April 2020 Instagram update, where we tell you what’s new on the platform in the past month – we’ve also been making a lot of changes over at Flick, so make sure to see those, here. Here is all you need to know, and what you should be considering, to make sure you’re completely up-to-date with all things Instagram.

Instagram April 2020 Update 🏡

Instagram’s new arrow pen →

A simple update, but it might be one of our new favourites. Think about all the times you’ve tried to draw a slightly wobbly arrow to get people to tap through on your stories, or swipe up – maybe you’ve searched for an arrow giphy as a sticker to use. WELL do we have news for you! Instagram has now integrated an ‘arrow pen’ as an option on their Stories, which means you can draw all the perfect arrows you like, easily!
April 2020 instagram update

Double the videos 📸

Another cool Story update that Instagram have rolled out, is the dual camera mode. This allows you to feature more than one video at a time on your Instagram stories. Users now have the option to upload videos or images, and overlay another video or image in the Dual Camera mode option.

Write it your way ✍️

April is all about Instagram Stories, and this is another update that we are all super excited for. The platform announced that they would be introducing a new set of Story fonts for a select number of users. That’s right, it looks like the platform will have 9 text styles to choose from in the very near future – keep your fingers crossed that you’re one of the lucky ones to get to test them out!

Support CTAs for Covid-19 🍎

Another update that Instagram has made as a reaction to Covid-19, is the introduction of different story buttons. Business accounts can now add options to donate, order food, deliveries or buy gift cards. These are available as buttons under the bio section of a profile, or as add ons to an Instagram Story.

Download your data 📈

Instagram have launched a new Download Your Data tool, which allows users to download their personal data and activity from the platform. The tool has the capability to let you know what type of content you engage with the most, giving some kind of indication as to why you might frequently get served a specific type of content or ad. This is a move by Instagram to increase transparency, and show users how their data and searching behaviour impacts what they see in-app. It’s a clever move as it allows users to understand more about their history whilst understanding more about the platform’s algorithm too.

The Instagram Newsroom 🗞

Instagram are offering free workshops and classes, via Instagram Live 📲

Alongside many other brands and businesses, Instagram are offering a series of Instagram Lives on their profile, every Thursday. The activities range from drawing lessons, workouts and live music, so be sure to check them out!
Here’s some of our other favourite accounts that are posting valuable content during Covid-19:

Workouts 🥊

https://www.instagram.com/barrys/ – free live classes with Barry’s.
https://www.instagram.com/fly_ldn/ – free live yoga with FLY LDN.
https://www.instagram.com/f45_training – check out f45’s page to see their workout recommendations to try from home.

Cooking 🌮

https://www.instagram.com/hellocookly – hellocookly are hosting live cooking classes which are based on a host of different dishes!
https://www.instagram.com/honeyandco – try out a cook along session with honeyandco.
https://www.instagram.com/breadaheadbakery – if you love baking, tune in at 2pm for Bread Ahead’s IG Lives.

Just for fun 👏

https://www.instagram.com/gucci/ – Gucci have been hosting a series of lives, from advice to music sessions.
https://www.instagram.com/oysho/ – Oysho have a rolling agenda of a range of classes to choose from, all on Instagram Live.
https://www.instagram.com/topshop/ – Topshop have been hosting some great takeovers to keep their followers fit during Covid-19.
We hope you enjoyed this instalment of the Instagram update for April 2020! If you want to see what’s new at Flick this month, check that out here. Tune in next month, to see what else is new – and stay safe!


Instagram April 2020 Update 🏡

The Instagram Newsroom 🗞

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