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10 Instagram Reels Stats You Need to Know

Not sure why you should be using Instagram Reels? These stats might change your mind and get you to start filming your first one!

Posted 4 months ago

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Alex Rosone
Posted 4 months ago
With Reels on the rise (hello, Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app, remember?), it’s important for us to know what we’re getting ourselves into. And honestly? Some of these statistics may surprise you, but that’s what social media is all about, isn’t it? If you aren’t already sold on the importance of utilizing Reels to maximize your Instagram presence, this list of facts and stats might (and should!) convince you. This feature is more than just an easy way to post short videos to your profile, and it’s time we embrace it with open arms. 😌
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  1. 10 Instagram Stats You Need to Know

10 Instagram Stats You Need to Know

User Increase

Two years ago, Reels were released in Brazil as “Cenas.” Following the release, Brazil saw Instagram users increase by 4.34%. Other countries got on board and saw similar results (i.e., a 3.5% increase in average time spent on Instagram in India). Additionally, according to Conviva, the NFL has seen a 67% increase in engagement between Reels and traditional videos on Instagram. Since Reels are undoubtedly boosting Instagram usage, it’s a no-brainer to use them to promote yourself or your brand.

Marketing Plan Increase

According to Marketing Charts and Start Up Bonsai, 70% of marketers stated they plan to increase their activity on Instagram: more than plans for any other app. Since Reels are booming, it’s the perfect time to jump right in and use them to catapult any brand’s Instagram engagement.

Videos Over Photos

Adam Mosseri, the director of Instagram, has recently made comments that the app is no longer primarily for photo sharing (boooooooo!) By promoting video features, Instagram aims to engage younger users and compete effectively with TikTok. So, if we want to make the most of the app, using Reels is the way to go.

Better for Brands

Markerly, an influencer marketing agency, conducted a study on brands and celebs and determined that while celebs and influencers do better on TikTok, brands see far more success on Instagram Reels.
Co-founder of Markerly, Justin Kline says that audiences want brands to entertain them on social media and the added addition of Reels to create some spicy personality to your overall brand strategy will be an effective way for brands to increase their engagement and awareness on social.

Run Time

Reels can run for up to 60 seconds (and they should be up to 90 in the near future), which gives you plenty of time to promote yourself or your brand via video content without the dreaded fear of losing your audience. This is allowing Instagram to compete with TikTok (as we well know!), as well as allowing users to capitalize on opportunities to reach their audience in a way that is short, sweet, and effective.
Just the way we like it.
The most viewed Instagram Reel to date has a whopping 239 million views, and it does so without dialogue or narration of any kind. The Reel was posted by Instagram sensation Khaby Lame, and it features him checking multiple times that his iron is turned off: a worry to which we can all relate.


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A post shared by Khaby Lame (@khaby00)

This reminds us that the most effective Reels don’t have to be the flashiest. Sometimes simplicity is key!

Video Engagement Increase

According to Instagram for Business, 91% of active Instagram users claim to watch videos on the app at least once a week. As a social media manager or a marketer of any kind, this figure is extremely promising for brand engagement via Reels.

Fastest-Growing Feature

In the past year, users have been searching for Instagram Reels more frequently than Instagram Stories for the first time, which is HUGE. And according to Instagram, this trend is predicted to continue moving in this direction, which is yet another reason brands and personal platforms should be adding Reels to their marketing/engagement plans.
instagram reels templates

Impending Updates

Instagram is constantly evolving, especially where Reels are concerned. In the near future, automatic caption stickers and montage options are set to debut on this feature, increasing opportunities for creative, accessible content.
One of the biggest features (that we believe TikTok will soon be trying to figure out how to implement on their own platform) is Reels Templates. You can now easily create a Reel based on a previous template that a creator has made. Learn how to do this by clicking here.

Ad Reach

According to Hootsuite, Instagram Reels ads, on average, reach approximately 10.9% of the total population (13+). So if you weren’t previously convinced to boost your usage of Reels for your brand, this might do the trick. As the feature becomes more popular, these numbers are only expected to increase, so it’s time to get filming and create. those. Reels.
Looking for even more ways to make Reels work for you and your brand? Here are some creative Reels ideas to make for your business.


10 Instagram Stats You Need to Know

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