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How to Use Instagram Hashtag Collections

Spend less time searching, and more time getting results. Flick’s Hashtag Collections is an easy way to save groups of hashtags to use in your Instagram posts, no matter where you are.

Posted 1 month ago

Written by

Sam King
Posted 1 month ago
When it comes to your hashtags, how in the world do you find the right ones for your account? Do your research on Instagram? Look at your competition to see what they use? Have a hashtag tool that you utilize that shows you the best hashtags? And once you find those hashtags, how in the WORLD do you store them and keep them organized? If you say the Notes section of your phone, boy, oh, boy, do we have a life-saving tip for you and it’s called: Instagram Hashtag Collections.

What is a hashtag collection? #️⃣

One of the many reasons you should use Flick is our Hashtags Collections. Hashtag Collections is an easy way for you to save groups of hashtags to use in your Instagram posts, no matter where you are.
With the handy dandy Collection, you can import existing hashtag lists (yes, from ANYWHERE) or create your first collection using our search tool.
From there, get easy access to the Collection you created, where you can copy and paste those hashtags onto your new post. Seriously, it’s that easy.
organize hashtag collection

How to organize your hashtag collection?

When it comes to organizing the hashtags in your collection, the possibilities are absolutely endless. If you have a specific niche, categorize your hashtags under that nice. If you have posts for days of the week, create your collections under those days.
Some ways you can organize your hashtag collection:
A collection based on the hashtag type
  • Location hashtags
  • Topic-specific hashtags
  • Community hashtags
  • Audience-specific hashtags
Based on the potential content to be posted
  • Black and white photographs
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape photography
Creating ahead of time for specific posts
  • Vegan Smoothie Recipe
  • Vegetarian lunch ideas
  • Gluten-free dessert inspiration
Based on top-performing posts you’re repurposing/analyzing
  • Best performing post of July
  • Best performing post of August
  • Best performing post of September
Based on average like ranges
  • Marketing hashtags 100 average likes
  • Marketing hashtags 200 average likes
  • Marketing hashtags 300 average likes

How do Hashtag Collections save you time? 🎉

One of the biggest reasons collections are so important for social media managers, content creators, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and so many more is how much it saves you time!
Gone are the days where you’re hunting around in the Notes section of your phone trying to find which hashtags would work for the content you created. Gone are the days where you’re scrolling through Instagram trying to find which hashtags you should add to the list in your Notes section.
With Collections, you can easily organize the hashtags into various groups. Copy the ones over you think would work, do a quick audit on the hashtags to make sure they are suitable, and then paste them on your post! Simple, easy, and a total time saver.

Okay, what else can Hashtag Collections do? 🧐

One of the best features of our Collections is our Suggested Hashtags feature. Suggested hashtags will take a look at the hashtags already stored in your collection and make suggestions that match the metrics of the hashtags you’ve previously saved. Every single hashtag that is suggested to you will coincide with your collection strategy and will fit seamlessly in. You’ll find new hashtags that you might not have thought of before and can get more strategic with your hashtag strategy.

Benefits of using collections:

We want you to spend less time searching, and more time getting results. Hashtag Collections is an easy way to save groups of hashtags to use in your Instagram posts, no matter where you are.
  • Centralized location for all your hashtags 🏡
    Easily build a library of options, experiment with different variations, and re-use top-performing groups.
  • Speed up your research ⏱
    Send hashtags straight from Flick’s Hashtag Search to any of your collections!
  • Access hashtags on the move 📱
    Auto-syncs with a dedicated mobile app so you have access to your hashtags no matter where you are.

How to post from your Hashtag Collections

Now you’ve got your hashtags organized, they’re available for whenever you need them, whether this is Access your hashtags when you need them the most.
  • If you’re scheduling posts from your laptop, you can easily copy hashtags from your collections via the Flick desktop app.
  • If you’re looking to access your hashtags whilst on the move, you can copy hashtag collections via the Flick mobile app.

Accessing Instagram Hashtag Collections on mobile.

If you’re looking to access your hashtags on mobile, you can do so with the Flick mobile app.
  1. Download the Flick mobile app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Log in with your Flick account
  3. Voila, your hashtag collections are ready for use!
You can either copy entire collections with a single tap, or select hashtags from different sets to curate the perfect group of 30 hashtags for your post!

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