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6 Instagram Hacks to Impress your Instagram Audience & Algorithm

Discover how you can apply simple Instagram hacks to get the Instagram algorithm to boost your Instagram profile and posts for a more efficient Instagram marketing strategy.

Posted 9 months ago

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 9 months ago
As visual content is on the rise, the social media platform Instagram that is now owned by Facebook aka Meta has become an important marketing marketplace for businesses and influential bloggers.
This popularity with over 1 billion monthly users has led to Instagram becoming more complex and competitive.
To stand out as a business and brand on Instagram, one must keep up with current Instagram marketing trends and hacks, and know how the Instagram algorithm works.

Hot 6 Instagram Hacks to know in 2022

Add a GeoTag to easily locate your Business on Instagram

The location tag on Instagram helps users find a business’s exact address and location. This is a key factor if your business relies on local client acquisition. Imagine you share an Instagram post with a special offer or deal and when people engage with it, they cannot locate your business to check if it is near them. Because many Instagram users will follow local businesses that offer products or services, they are interested in.
The location tag, therefore, increases your business visibility by popping up in local Instagram searches when people are nearby. Geotag also allows Instagram users to search posts and people based on the location on Instagram.
You can easily tag the location with your uploaded post so that Instagram users can search for content from the same tagged location.
location instagram tagging

Attract the right Target Audience with the help of your Competitors

Research what your target audience likes about your brand and focus on that in your Instagram feed. Share your business values and visions also visually as many Instagram users look for inspiration. You should aim to entice clients on Instagram with creative and engaging captions by also captioning your images or videos on Instagram.
Captions should ideally contain up to ten words, especially when combined with carousel posts and you should check what kind of content and captions your competitors use to get ideas. Investigate which hashtag approach your competitors to employ? Analyze your competitors on Instagram utilizing tracker tools to see what strategies and techniques they use to target a similar audience as yours.

Plan your Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are your key tool to make your Instagram content stand out. You should strategically employ hashtags to appear in more Instagram searches.
But how to do this? Well, follow some of the below hacks to make the most out of your Instagram hashtags:
  • Check popular hashtags first that have been clicked by thousands or millions and apply them to your posts.
  • The hashtags need to be relevant to your industry and target audience. The number of clicks may be lower, but your conversions may increase for more targeted hashtags and posts.
  • Combine branded hashtags with popular hashtags to increase the exposure of your business and brand name on Instagram.
  • Use location-based hashtags to promote your business in your area.
  • Experiment if hashtags are more effective in the caption or in the first remark.
You can do all of this and more by starting a 7-day free trial on Flick. You’ll get hashtag suggestions based on your account, plus all the hashtag analytics to help you with finding the right hashtag strategy for you.

Share engaging Instagram Stories

Instagram stories done right can make a huge difference to your Instagram marketing. With stories, you can connect with your audience on an emotional level while you also offer entertainment and with that get more engagement.
Enhance your stories with GIFs, music, people tags, geotags, and hashtags.
The poll feature is one of the new elements of Instagram stories that can help engage your audience more and even conduct some market research to understand your audience better. By asking simple and direct questions, you can solicit useful feedback that in turn impacts your Instagram marketing.
Carousel postings, where you include up to ten photos or videos, can result in a greater impression rate on Instagram, so make sure you use them effectively to highlight your brand’s message.
Instagram Reels are another new feature that allows you to create short videos with music, text, stickers, and other special effects using a set of trending Instagram tools. Instagram Reels ideas are before and afters, how-tos, sneak peeks, and a day-in-the-life style content for example which many video gamers use for digital marketing.

Hashtag Search

Find relevant hashtags for your next Instagram post.


Share more about your Brand with IGTV

Why should you use IGTV, which allows you to upload videos up to an hour-long?
  • Increased engagement: Many now use Instagram as an entertainment or information channel. Some Instagram users prefer more in-depth content, while others like quick and snappy content. You should try both options to identify what works better with your target audience to increase sales and engagement.
  • Enhanced storytelling: Your business can use IGTV to share stories, offer advice, answer customer concerns, and show products and services.
  • Better brand communication: IGTV offers your brand the opportunity to showcase its unique personality and what it stands for.

Connect Live with your Instagram Audience

Interact with your followers in real-time via Instagram Live and keep your live broadcast as a highlight in your Instagram Stories. Here are some Instagram Live ideas for you to try:
  • Organize a Q&A with your audience to get to know them better.
  • Set up a workshop or a tutorial for topics your audience wants to know more about.
  • Use the “Add a Guest” option to invite an expert or influencer to join your Instagram Live and gain more exposure as you tag them.
  • Share interviews with key staff.

Final Thoughts

Stay on top of the ever-changing Instagram algorithm to get the results you are looking for. Whatever Instagram strategy you used yesterday, may not work again the following day so check the latest Instagram trends and hacks. Test and try new business ideas while being mindful of what’s trending with your audience. This guide with the latest Instagram hacks should help you with developing an Instagram strategy that impresses your Instagram algorithm and audience for great marketing outcomes.

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Hot 6 Instagram Hacks to know in 2022

Final Thoughts

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