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How to Understand Your IGTV Performance

Get your IGTV videos in tip-top shape, so that your content resonates with your followers and doesn’t utilize too many resources

Posted 1 year ago
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Julia Cohen
Posted 1 year ago
IGTV has been a tough nut to crack for creators across Instagram. The platform’s answer to YouTube is a great way of getting longer-form, more value-adding content out into the world, without having to condense a video down to under a minute. But, keeping users interested has proven to be hard, and with a previous lack of insights or detailed analytics into IGTV content, people have a been a little stuck on what the best practices are. So, how do you get your IGTV videos in tip-top shape, so that your content resonates with your followers and doesn’t utilize too many resources? Read on to find out.

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  1. How to Understand Your IGTV Performance 📈
    • Engagement Rate 👏
    • Mastering Hashtag Analytics🚀
    • Hashtags Ranked #️⃣
    • Percentage Watched %
    • Reach vs. Impressions 🙌

How to Understand Your IGTV Performance 📈

Previously, you couldn’t view in-depth analytics when it came to IGTV, however, we have just launched IGTV metrics and tracking in our Analytics Suite in Flick, making it a whole lot easier to understand where you’re going right (or wrong).
IGTV can be tricky to pin down and get right, mainly because it is a long-form content format within a fast-paced platform. People don’t tend to keep their attention on one post or video for too long, so creating content that people will actively watch, that lasts longer than a few minutes can be tough.
The first thing that really challenges people about IGTV analytics is the idea of trying to understand and process all the data. However, Flick has made that easy for you. We put all of the important information that you need in one easy-to-read dashboard. That way, you can know how all of your IG posts are doing in seconds. This allows you to know right away what is working and what requires certain improvement.
All the information on the IGTV analytics dashboard is updated in real-time. This will come in handy if you post multiple times a day.
Finally, you will be able to quickly customize all the information on the dashboard. For instance, you can find your best-performing hashtags over the last 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days. The dashboard is really simple to use. Therefore, if you are just starting on Instagram, you should be able to handle it without a problem.

Instagram Analytics

Grow your account with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.


Engagement Rate 👏

One of the first indicators of your IGTV performance is, of course, your Engagement Rate. This not only reflects the Reach and Impressions of your IGTV post, but it also lets you know whether your content is engaging enough to prompt people to like or comment in order to join the discussion. When comparing the Engagement Rate across different IGTV posts you have created, you can pinpoint patterns in terms of the types of content that most excite your audience. Let’s take a look at a quick example:
In both of the above posts, we can see our different Engagement Rates. The first post is more of a stylized lookbook guide with a cinematic twist, while the second post is a simple lookbook video without bells and whistles. We can see that the audience responds more to the simpler content, as the Engagement Rate is 8.1% compared to 5.4%. This suggests that as an account, we should continue to post this style of lookbook because that is what our audience responds best to.
By comparing IGTV formats within the same style or niche, you can easily find out what will work specifically for your account, in the future.

Mastering Hashtag Analytics🚀

One of the dirty little secrets of successful Instagram influencers is that they are always figuring out which hashtags are giving them the best results. That’s why we have a top hashtag analytics tool that can work for all of your IGTV posts, and stories.
With the data in hand, they can see right away what hashtags are working and what requires further improvement. If you are seeking to be a full-time influencer, then you will need to test different types of hashtags. And more importantly, you need to know right away what is working and what is not working.
With Flick’s hashtag analytics tools, you can test different executions to see which posts will give you the best engagement rates.
As you can see, there are four pieces of information at the top of the analytics dashboard:
  • Hashtags used
  • Rank ratio
  • Hours spent ranking
  • Average rank
Right under these headline statistics, you will see your top-performing hashtags as well as your mid-performing hashtags. This will allow you to know right away which hashtags are working for you. With that information, you will be able to use your best hashtags for future posts and likely get better engagement.

Hashtags & Analytics

Find, manage, and analyze hashtags for Instagram.


Hashtags Ranked #️⃣

Another metric that can help you understand the performance of your IGTV content, is the number of hashtags your video ranks on. Of course, like normal posts, if your content ranks on a hashtag, this means it is pushed out to a wider audience who are searching for that hashtag. This, in turn, increases the view count of your videos and tends to have a knock-on effect on other metrics such as Engagements or Engagement Rate. You should employ the same hashtag strategy for your IGTV content as you do your normal posts. Always use the maximum of 30 hashtags (that’s 30 chances of ranking) and always go back to our Analytics Suite to see exactly which hashtags you ranked on for your IGTV videos.
You can then develop a Collection within Flick of the top-performing hashtags for your IGTV videos for reference, and examine these to understand whether specific hashtags work better for IGTV in comparison to Stories or normal feed posts.
Once you have placed our 30 hashtags on your posts, you will want to know which ones are working. Most posters who don’t use an IGTV analytics tool are pretty much flying blind. They may put up 30 hashtags. However, maybe only a handful are ranking. The result is lots of frustration and lost time.
With Flick’s hashtag analytics tool, you can quickly find out how many of your 30 hashtags are ranking. This allows you to keep the hashtags that are working and remove the ones that have no effect. Over time, you will likely notice that your number of ranking hashtags will go up. This will likely result in better engagement and more followers.
Know right away which of your hashtags are ranking
Taking a look at the data here, you will see that you can separate your top, mid-tier, and bottom hashtags. Also, you will get an excellent snapshot look at how that post is performing when it comes to likes, comments, engagement rate, saves, impressions, and reach. All of this data will come in handy when it comes to figuring out exactly how well your hashtags are performing.

Percentage Watched %

You can access this metric directly on Instagram, and it is a great way of understanding how well your videos are retaining your audience. The % watched gives an average time that people tend to watch your videos before dropping off, which indicates roughly how long your videos should be. If you make 15-minute videos for example, and people only tend to watch 5 minutes before clicking off, those extra 10 minutes could be wasted time and resources. Understand and respond to what your audience wants with the content you create, and you should see your other metrics also increase. Whilst IGTV videos are Instagram’s way of pushing longer-form content on the platform, user behaviors haven’t necessarily changed, and people still tend to prefer to consume shorter-form content on Instagram. According to Hubspot, videos that are an average of 26 seconds receive the most comments on Instagram.
Below is an example of a high-performing IGTV video that has a high watch percentage due to the content format, audience, and hook.
Pro Tip 💡: Repurpose your IGTV videos by cutting them down into Reels, feed videos, and Stories, to make your content work harder.

Reach vs. Impressions 🙌

Reach is the total number of times your content is viewed per account, whereas Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed overall. You can get a good idea if people are going back to your content, rewatching it, or seeing it repeatedly by comparing your Reach with your Impressions. If your Impressions are significantly higher than your Reach, it may mean that those who have seen your content have consumed it repeatedly, which indicates their receptiveness to the video. Within Flick, you can view Impressions and Reach side by side, in order to directly compare across one video or multiple videos.
We hope you have all you need to start understanding your IGTV metrics and are ALREADY on your way to making killer video content. If you want to learn more about all areas of Instagram analytics, read our guide breaking everything down. And, if you’re looking for ways to up your Instagram strategy, just click the banner below!

Instagram Analytics

Grow your account with best-in-class Instagram Analytics.


Gaining A Long-Term View of Your Analytics⏳

If you are planning to be a major Instagram influencer, then you need to take a long-term view. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, you need to make sure that all of your analytics stay with you. With some platforms, you only get to keep your analytics data for 30 days. This really can’t help you if you truly want to build a major IG following. That’s why Flick allows you to hold on to your analytics forever!
Flick allows you to view your lifetime historical analytics data
All you have to do is go to the drop-down menu that reveals several date ranges. There you will be able to get your account’s historical IGTV analytics over the past seven days, 30 days, 90 days, and 365 days or you can set up a custom date range. This will offer you several advantages.
First, you will be able to see your year-over-year progress. This can help you learn where you started to grow your account. Also, you can check to see if there are any seasonality patterns in your analytics. Perhaps, your account tends to grow faster in the summer versus the winter. Finally, you can dig back into your older successful posts and perhaps revise them for future IG content.
Your Flick account is designed to help you over the long term. We know that you want to take your IG account seriously. That means that you can use Flick for the life of your account.

Learn How Flick Can Help You Understand And Improve Your IGTV Analytics ⭐

Discover how the right data can separate you from the millions of other accounts on Instagram. Test out Flick’s analytics dashboard and learn what can grow your IG account today. This may be the only thing standing between you and true influencer status.


How to Understand Your IGTV Performance 📈

Gaining A Long-Term View of Your Analytics⏳

Learn How Flick Can Help You Understand And Improve Your IGTV Analytics ⭐

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