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How to Plan Your Instagram Feed in 2022

Learn why you should plan your Instagram feed and ways you can do so to help get you a bigger audience on Instagram. 

Posted 2 months ago

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 2 months ago
Let me ask you a question: Do you plan your social media content in advance? If you’re saying “no” and you’re a social media manager, content creator, or creative agency … all I can ask is “why not?!”
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Putting together an Instagram feed that is curated, well put together, and planned out can help you grow on Instagram and make your brand truly stand out in the sea of faces on IG. Learn why you should be planning your Instagram feed and ways you can do so to help get you a bigger audience on Instagram.

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    Why should you plan your Instagram feed? 🤔

    As you are aware, the first impression people get of you and your brand is your profile feed. When people click your username, they are hit with your profile and the lovely grid of all of your photos.
    Now, when you look at your profile as a whole, do your images make sense next to each other? Having a strong, visual look and/or *~aesthetic~* (as the kids say) is important. So how do you make sure that your profile stays on-brand and on theme?
    By planning out your content! And the best way to do that? Flick’s Preview Feed. Our Preview Feed will let you see your entire feed laid out and you can rearrange and preview what your feed will look like before clicking save and publishing your content to your account!
    You can use Feed Preview on both our mobile and desktop versions of our Scheduler. 🎉
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    How do you plan out your Instagram Feed? 📝

    When it comes to planning out what you want your Instagram feed to look like, figuring out what you want your look to be is going to be a big factor in that.
    What’s the overall theme of your brand, biz, or account? Are you more full of color? Muted tones? What’s the overall vibe you want to put forth on Insta?
    Now that you have an idea of the overall look you’re going for, it’s time to start creating the content so you can lay it out in feed preview. Whether it’s your brand colors, icons that overlay over individual photos, or something that just makes your feed look like YOU, start playing around and experimenting until it’s exactly how you want it to look!
    Start uploading your new content into your Flick Media Library, where you can sort through the various images, drag and drop them into your Feed Preview, and move them around until they are in just the right place.
    Once everything is dropped into place, you can click “save” and start creating captions, adding hashtags, and scheduling out all of your content! You’ll be able to find all of your Hashtag Collections in your Flick Scheduler, along with Best Times to Post so you can ensure that your content reaches the most amount of people possible.

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