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How to get more engagement on your Instagram Link Stickers

If you’re a small business, brand, or content creator looking for creative ways to display your link stickers in your story, we’ve got a couple ideas to help!

Posted 10 months ago

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 10 months ago
#ICYMI: Instagram Stories link stickers are available for everyone! Yes, even those people who have less than 10K followers. As we all rejoice in this news (also, have you used the stickers yet for yourself?!), it’s time to start thinking of different ways to make your stickers more engaging so people will actually click on them! If you’re a small business, brand, or content creator looking for creative ways to display your link stickers in your story, we’ve got a couple ideas to help!
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  1. What are Instagram Stories Link Stickers?

Ways to drive more traffic to your Instagram Story Link Stickers

As Instagram Story link stickers are still very new to everyone, we’re all currently adjusting and experimenting with new ways to boost clicks and get more eyes on your content. Here are some ways to get more engagement with your link stickers:

1. Clear and strong Call-to-action

While we used to always say, “swipe up” when you wanted followers to engage with a certain link, now we have to pivot.
So how do you catch your followers’ attention to make sure they click on your link? Add some text or a gif to get their attention to the link.
A great example of this is @caitlinbea, where she is highlighting her new video. She shows a little clip to get people interested and a clear CTA with her link sticker.
You can also use another GIF sticker that says “Read more” or “Tap here” to highlight where the follower needs to click.
Are you sharing a link from your own personal website for people to click on? If so, you might want to create a branded template for the link. This will help your followers be able to see exactly where they need to click and hopefully follow through on clicking it!
Draw attention to the link by having a dedicated area for your sticker link to be placed each time so your followers know where they need to go.
Now, don’t worry if you’re not a graphic designer! There are great tools (like our personal favorite Canva!!) that have Instagram Stories templates that you can choose from and make your own!

3. Change the color and font of your sticker with an overlay

At the moment, there are still not that many link color options available (please change this soon, Instagram!), you might want to create an overlay that fits with your brand and makes it stand out.
But a nice little trick to fix this is to add a text overlay or a sticker over the top of the original link!
how to add an overlay to link text
How to add a text overlay on Instagram
1. Paste your link in the link sticker field and place it where you’d like it on your story.
2. Select the text tool and type a CTA that will encourage people to click on the link.
3. Select the color picker tool and choose a color.
4. Move your text over the sticker.
Like any new feature, it takes time and experimentation to get it juuuuuust right. So don’t be discouraged if your engagement isn’t as high as you’d like it to be right away. Try new things and look at your past analytics to see what is working and what’s not working for your audience.
And just because we’re curious, let us know if you have link stickers yet! We’d love to know how you like them!


Ways to drive more traffic to your Instagram Story Link Stickers

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