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How to Get Clients for Social Media Marketing

If you’ve just started freelancing or start your own business as a social media marketer, here’s how you get clients for social media marketing.

Posted 1 month ago
how to get social media clients

Written by

Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 1 month ago
Whether you’re a new freelancer getting started on finding new freelance clients or an agency wanting to build your roster, finding new clients can always be a challenge. And putting a plan in place for finding and bringing in new quality clients is the way to go. How can you convince someone that they need social media? How do you convince someone you’re the person to go to? Take a deep breath. We’ve got you. Here are our top tips on finding quality clients to add to your roster:

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  1. Use your network of friends, family, and clients you already have 👫
    • Want to save time and serve your clients better?

Use your network of friends, family, and clients you already have 👫

Now that you have officially taken the plunge and have started freelancing or running your own agency, where should you begin when you’re looking for clients? Why not ask your friends and family? Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to network and get referrals for your business.
Start by creating a list of people you know that would be great to talk to about your new business adventure. Maybe it’s someone who runs their own business or is a leader in the community. You always know someone! From there, write down their email address, phone number, where they work, and job title.
Before you approach them, give them something that they can easily share with others. Like a business card with all of your basic info. This will help you so much in the long run!
From there, start emailing or talking with each person. Do a quick check-in with them and explain that you’ve recently started your own business in social media and are looking for new clients if they know of anyone and/or just ask them to keep you top of mind!
Even if they don’t have anyone at the moment, they may think of you later on when someone they know is talking about needing social media work done.
social media clients

Connect with other businesses within your niche 🤝

Is there a non-competing service provider that is in your niche you can partner up with? As someone who only does social media and marketing, maybe you know someone who is a graphic designer and you two can link up. When they land a new client, they can mention your name and vice versa.
Start reaching out and setting up coffee dates or zoom meetings to connect so you both can get familiar with each other’s work!

Check out freelance work websites like UpWork or Creative Circle 👩‍💻

If you’re new to the social media marketing space, freelance websites like UpWork and Creative Circle can be a great way to find initial work. Each is set up a little bit differently. With UpWork, you can set up an account with details about the work you provide and clients can hire freelancers based on their profile and work.
On Creative Circle, you will get emails sent to you based on the resume/CV you provide. If the details of the job outlined in the email sound like it’s up your street, you can send back an email saying you’re interested and why you’d be a good fit.
Each website has its pros and cons but will help you build up a roster of clients easily if you are active.

Offer to audit their social media accounts 🧐

One of the best ways to get new clients through the door is by simply doing an audit of their accounts. A lot of people don’t realize that anything is wrong with their social media until someone points it out to them.
Start off by offering to audit one of their accounts for free (Instagram is an easy one to start off with!) and offer some tips on improvement. It’s best to do this through a phone or video call so you can give a much more detailed explanation and then pitch yourself at the end.

free guide

Instagram Audit Checklist

See if you can get referrals from clients 🎙

If you’re providing your clients with great work, reach out and ask them if they will refer you to someone and/or ask them for a testimonial.
Testimonials are great to add to your website as new prospective clients will see that you have worked with people in the past and they have loved what you’ve done.
If you ever have a client refer you to someone, be sure to thank them! Send them a thank you card, a gift card, or just a small kind gesture and we promise that the referrals will keep coming in.
how to get social media clients

Use LinkedIn to work on building your ideal prospects ✍️

Leverage your LinkedIn connections to help build your ideal prospects. Start searching for your ideal clients on LinkedIn and be sure to take note of their other social media channels.
Do they have Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok? Start following their other accounts and every few weeks comment on their content to make them aware of you.
The more you do soft touches, the more they become aware of you which starts an online relationship between the pair of you. From there, you can eventually send them a message and see if you can connect with them further.
Now that you know how to get clients for social media marketing, being able to audit their Instagram content is super important to showcase where they can do better and where they’re killing it. Learn more about how to do an audit here and download a free Instagram audit guide here.

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Use your network of friends, family, and clients you already have 👫

Connect with other businesses within your niche 🤝

Check out freelance work websites like UpWork or Creative Circle 👩‍💻

Offer to audit their social media accounts 🧐

See if you can get referrals from clients 🎙

Use LinkedIn to work on building your ideal prospects ✍️

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