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What’s New at Flick | April 2020

Welcome to the first Flick update for April! We talk you through our updates, bug fixes and improvements, to make sure you’re getting the most out of Flick.

Posted 2 years ago

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Sam King
Posted 2 years ago
Welcome to the first (of many) more personal posts from the team here at Flick! We wanted to keep you up to date with exactly what is being worked on, improved, or changed so that you can be part of the process every step of the way.
Almost all of the features that we create are based on the direct feedback we receive from our Flick community.
We also want to open our doors a little wider so that you can feel free to interact with us whenever you want, provide feedback to our team and keep up to date with new changes.
To make sure this information is readily available, we’ve created an open company wiki (which will be updated every 2 weeks). Here, you can meet the team, see the latest feature improvements, releases & bug fixes, send feedback on some issues that you’re having or request a new feature in Flick.
My name is Sam, and I will be writing these new blog posts, (in line with our development release cycle) to help highlight some of the key changes happening at Flick moving forward!
So, let’s jump straight into what has been developed over the past two weeks and released today!

🕵️‍♀️ Banned hashtag checker

With 60 million hashtags and counting in our database, newly banned/flagged hashtags have always been hard to detect accurately at scale – Instagram is always banning and un-banning hashtags based on recent content and activity.
Now, you can run a banned hashtag check before exporting your hashtags in a matter of seconds – when you do this, we use Instagram’s official graph API to check a hashtag’s status in that exact moment, ensuring that your hashtags are as up to date as possible.
If you’d like to check for yourself, you can see if a hashtag is ‘flagged’ by looking at the bottom of the hashtags page on your desktop, or the top of the page on mobile.
Example: #bikini (Flagged)
Example: #redswimsuit (Banned)
Example: #Covid (Would be considered banned via Graph API)

🧑‍💻NEW HIRE: Josh, Customer Success Manager

Say hello to Josh, dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of Flick! If you’re ever struggling with anything, please do reach out to him through the in-app chat. (Which has now moved into the sidebar above your profile icon!)
Due to Flick’s growth, we have struggled to keep on top of the number of support requests coming in, and we’re sorry about that – We understand our response times were far too slow and this should now be a lot quicker, thanks to Josh!

🎓 Flick Academy – Hashtag Course

You can now sign up to the waiting list for our first-ever course (which is 100% free) – covering everything you need to become a pro hashtag user! If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

⏰ Timezones added to the Audience tab in Analytics

Previously you could only see your audience activity in Pacific Standard Time – this is now available in any timezone, however, it should automatically calibrate to your timezone based on your location.

🗓 Brand new table in Search, Collections & Analytics

Switched to a custom library for all the tables in Flick, after numerous performance issues with what we were using previously – your searches should now be a lot faster.

🏡 Public Roadmap / Wiki

  • See what we’re working on right now (Roadmap)
  • See everything that’s been released or changed (Company wiki)

🙋‍♀️ Re-vamped all old resources in our help center

Alongside hiring a Customer Success Manager, we’ve revamped all our outdated resources within the help center – this covers everything from FAQs to technical troubleshooting.

🌄 Pagination in the Content tab within Analytics

You can access the analytics of any of your content within the Analytics Suite, rather than just the last 15 posts. As mentioned above, we had issues with our previous table across the whole of Flick which meant there were problems seeing old content within the Analytics Suite.
I hope you enjoy all of these new updates, we’ll be back with another post in 2 weeks time outlining even more new bits that are releasing – if you’d like to suggest a new feature or an improvement to an existing one, you can do so here.
Sam and the Flick Team

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