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Oct 13, 2021
Instagram Marketing

Ask Me A Question Ideas For Instagram Stories

Need a fresh set of ideas for your Ask me a Question Instagram Stories? Look no further, as we give you a list of the most creative and engaging formats.

Julia Cohen

Gamification on Instagram has fast become one of the best ways to engage your audience and make the platform more interactive and entertaining. And, as we know, on a platform where a short attention span is pretty common, it’s important you spice up your content in order to keep people interested, and feel like your profile is the ‘place to be’. Today, we’re going to be covering one of the best ways to easily gamify your Instagram Stories, with Ask me a Question Ideas you can try!

Ask me a Question Ideas for Instagram Stories

What do we mean by ‘Ask me a Question?’ 😅

When we talk about the ‘Ask me a Question’ feature on Instagram, we refer to the sticker you can add to your Stories, which allows your followers to type in questions they want to ask you, or answer questions you ask, by tapping on the button. REMEMBER: The feature lasts for 24 hours only, and isn’t anonymous, so you’ll know who is sending responses to your sticker! Psst!! Want to learn some more of our top Instagram Story Hacks? Open this article for later.
ask me a question ideas instagram stories
Since the feature launched, creators and brands alike have used the button to collect insights about what their audience want to know and see, or have included it in fun, interactive games that allow users to play along as they tap through the Stories. These responses not only signify engagements (the equivalent of gold dust on Instagram), but also can have a hand at helping increase your follower retention, as they may look forward to your Stories where they get to play along, or have their voices heard.
Stuck for ideas on how to use the Ask me a Question feature in a dynamic way? Read through our list of creative options:

Creative Ask me a Question Ideas for Instagram Stories

Ask me anything.
What are your assumptions about me?
What are your favourite films/music/tv shows and why?
What are your product recommendations?
If you had to take three things on a deserted island, what would they be?
My favourite thing about Instagram:
Describe your job in three words, and I’ll try to guess what it is:
How much time do you spend on Instagram a day?
What is your favourite type of content to watch/see?
Who do you love to follow?
Share your weekend plans with me!
If you had to pick any three people to have dinner with (dead or alive) who would they be?
Never have I ever:
What is your favourite food?
Who was the best dressed at The Met Gala?
Can you guess my favourite TV show?
Who is your hero?
Drop your skincare routine:

Ask me a Question game ideas for Instagram Stories

Ask Me Anything 😇

When the Ask me a Question sticker first launched on Stories, you might remember a lot of the Stories you were watching featuring ‘Ask me Anything’ games, where users encouraged their followers to ask questions they wanted to know. This is the most simple idea, but is a great way to get closer to your following, and let them discover a little more about yourself. All you have to do is add the Sticker to the first slide of a Story, prompting your followers to ask you questions – you can frame it around a certain topic, or leave it more broad. Here’s a cute template you can use to create your Story from Canva!
ask me a question ideas instagram stories
Then, when the responses start to roll in, you can respond to their questions with videos, pictures or text. This gives an increased authenticity to your content, as it feels like you are responding directly to the followers who answered your questions, creating more of a relationship and open conversation.

Guess who? 🤔

Want to use the question sticker to create more of a guessing game that your followers can get involved in? A fun way to do this is through a good old fashioned game of ‘Guess who?’
Upload text or image clues to your Stories, which hint at a specific public figure, film, art piece – you name it (whatever fits into your profile niche), and have your followers guess from the clues, using your question sticker.
ask me a question ideas instagram stories
You can later follow up with the correct answers, and share funny responses you might have received.

What’s your opinion? 💬

Want to understand what your followers are thinking? Don’t we all. So why not just ask them directly? A fun way to get an idea of what your audience are like, is by using the question sticker to ask them opinions on specific topics. This can be anything from what type of content they enjoy seeing, to whose outfit they liked best at the Met Gala.
It’s a great way of not only showing your followers that you value their opinions and thoughts, but also the perfect means of understanding exactly what they want to see. The better you can respond with the content they enjoy, the more likely they are to stick around, as they will see you have taken their opinions on board.

The assumption game 🤞

You may have seen this trend already on YouTube or even Instagram, but another Ask me a Question idea for your Instagram Stories is directly posing the question: “What are your assumptions about me?”
ask me a question ideas instagram stories
Your followers who may not know you very well, can pop in what they assume about you and you can, again directly respond as to whether they are right or wrong. This is a fun way to see what your followers think of you, but also a way to respond to any common questions or comments you might get on your posts.

Quiz games 🤨

Another fun idea you can try is creating your very own Instagram Stories pub quiz. Quickfire questions have taken features like Reels and platforms like TikTok by storm, as they almost create a mini game show environment that tests users’ knowledge. You can do this too, by creating a pub quiz related to something in your niche, making use of varying stickers and functions on Stories.
Combining features means your Stories are a little less repetitive, and allow followers to interact in different ways, so you can frame some of your questions using direct responses from the question sticker, yes or no polls and even the quiz sticker which allows users to pick from a multiple choice list of answers.
pub quiz instagram
Some accounts like @notanothertruecrime really ace this, and have their followers looking forward to the next quiz game they get to play.

Never Have I Ever 🙅‍♀️

A classic game we love to hate, this can be another creative idea to engage your followers and challenge them to think of weird and wonderful responses. Ask them to complete the sentence: ‘Never have I ever’ in the question sticker, and respond to the answers that you have or haven’t done!
We hope you are now packed with plenty of ideas for your next ‘Ask me a Question’ Instagram Story. Want to up your Story game even further? Head to our ultimate guide for creating engaging and inspiring Story content!

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