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10 Apps Like Instagram That Are Fun To Use

Getting tired of Instagram? Fed up with your feed, the algorithm, counting likes, and trying to perfect your grid? We get it. Here are other apps that allow you to share photos and engage with family, friends, and followers.

Posted 5 months ago

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Alex Rosone
Posted 5 months ago
Getting tired of Instagram? Fed up with your feed, the algorithm, counting likes, and trying to perfect your grid? We get it. Fortunately, there are plenty of other apps that allow us to share photos and engage with family, friends, and followers.
Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery, a new way to edit and share content, or a place to find inspo without the pressures of sharing your own stuff, we’ve got you covered. These apps have plenty of editing and sharing features that will help you stick to your brand (or create a totally new one), so take your time considering what you’re looking for in an app and exploring some new options. (Or maybe throw caution to the wind and download them all. We won’t judge.) Either way, you’re bound to find something that meets your needs.

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  1. 10 apps that are similar to Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • BeReal
    • We Heart It
    • VSCO
    • Retrica
    • Imgur
    • Flickr
    • Unsplash
    • Tumblr
    • Snapchat
    • Cluster

10 apps that are similar to Instagram

pinterest apps like instagram


If you’re looking for a photo-sharing app with fewer social components than Instagram, Pinterest is a great option. While it is still possible to share, comment, and message on Pinterest, the main focus of the app is the content. Not only are the photos high-quality, but they are arranged by topic, rather than the user. You can freely browse for anything from fashion inspo to recipes to travel tips without engaging with (or even really knowing anything about) the original posters. And when you find things you love, you can save them and organize them on your own boards for later!


If you’re looking for something that is more honest and a lot less curated than Instagram, you’ll want to check out BeReal. Once a day, you’re prompted to share a photo of what you’re up to and you have TWO minutes to share your response. Meaning you have to be quick and can’t do anything curated. PLUS, the app takes front and reverse camera shots so you’ll see the user and where they’re at. Note to self: Do not take while on the toilet. With more and more of the younger generations stepping away from digital curation, the app is on the rise and now is the 4th most downloaded app currently.

We Heart It

We Heart It may seem similar to Instagram, but its focus on motivation and inspiration sets it apart. If you’re looking for a social media platform that combines photo sharing with positivity, We Heart It is for you. This app is full of motivational quotes, inspirational photos, and positive interactions between users. It is the perfect boost when you need to get away from the potentially toxic culture of Instagram.
vsco apps like instagram


VSCO may have gotten its start as an editing app, but it has made a name for itself among influencers and other social media users as another great option for sharing photos. Since the app doesn’t allow liking or commenting on photos, it is a perfect low-pressure alternative to Instagram. VSCO is user-friendly and requires no prior editing experience, so you can start posting high-quality photos as soon as you download the app. With tons of filters and a variety of other editing tools, there is something for every aesthetic.


Retrica is on the newer end of the spectrum, but it should absolutely not be overlooked. With far more filter options than Instagram and better filter quality, Retrica is perfect for those who are serious about their photo editing. Like Tumblr, and unlike Instagram, Retrica has gif sharing and creating capabilities, which is a major draw of this app. There is no limit to your creativity with Retrica, so this new app is definitely worth a try for those looking to express themselves in new, unique ways.


Imgur is the perfect app if you want to escape Instagram and scroll social media for a laugh. It works in a similar way in that users can post and scroll others’ content, but this app places a premium on content that is funny and lighthearted. Full of gifs, memes, and short, funny videos, Imgur might be your best bet for killing time, finding the funniest content to send to your group chat, and improving your mood while using social media (instead of the opposite).
flickr apps like instagram


Flickr might be on the older end of apps in this list, but it is relevant as ever. Flickr is geared toward the more professional end of photographers and videographers, as well as more business-oriented users, but this isn’t to say it is exclusively for these groups. Beginners are always welcome! This app will elevate your photos to a professional level, provide you with an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and content creators, and help you streamline your social media presence to focus more on hobbies and interests.


Unsplash might be a bit unusual compared to some other apps in this list, but it is well-deserving of a mention. This app is an excellent hub for royalty-free stock photos, all of which are high-quality and easily accessible. Similar to Pinterest, it is a great place to post and save photos without the pressures of the social aspects. Moving from Instagram to Unsplash will allow you to elevate projects, presentations, or proposals that require specific, professional images.
tumblr apps like instagram


If you’re looking to combine photo/video sharing with text-based components, look no further than Tumblr. This app combines blogging with visual content, providing users with an opportunity for thread-style communication. With Tumblr, you can create gifs and memes, edit and post photos/videos, and write and engage with blogs; the multi-media components really are endless. And if that doesn’t sell you, the nostalgia will.


By now, most of us are probably familiar with Snapchat, but we would be remiss not to suggest it as an alternative to Instagram. With Snapchat, users can play with filters, stickers, and other photo-editing tools, then send their photos to friends, save them to their camera rolls, or post them on their stories. Unlike Instagram, photos posted or sent via Snapchat disappear after a short time (unless saved to “memories,” which isn’t public), so there is no stress about curating a grid or maintaining an aesthetic. Users can also browse the “Discover” page, where they can read articles and keep up with pop culture.


Cluster is another great option for minimizing the social aspect of your photo sharing. On this app, users can create albums and upload pictures, but they will only be available to those invited to view them. There is no need to concern yourself with “followers” here, as you choose with whom you share content, so there is far less pressure than on Instagram to amass a following and engage with others. This is perfect for families and friends, especially those who may be traveling or living long-distance, to share adventures and photos, and important moments.
While we’ll never depart Instagram for good, it’s always fun to check out another app to connect and engage with new people. And plus, it’s nice to have a little time away from the ‘gram. If you’re looking for more social media to add to your life, check out our newsletter, Talk Social to Me to get all the updated news and lolz.


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10 apps that are similar to Instagram

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