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Introducing new Teams feature inside Flick (NEW)

It’s finally here! You can now add your team members to your Flick account if you’re a social media manager or agency! Your workflow just got streamlined.

Posted 29 days ago
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Mackenzie Taylor
Posted 29 days ago
Oh, social media managers and agencies. We’ve heard your pleas to be able to add team members to your account and our new feature is finally here! Introducing Teams to Flick! 🎉
When it comes to social media management, collaboration is vital. Whether it’s working alongside clients, colleagues, or management. Teams will allow you to do just that. With Teams, you’ll be able to invite different members to your workspaces and control what they can and cannot access. Woohoo!
As an owner of your workspace, you can now invite ‘members’ into your Flick account without the need to share passwords; limit what members can access, including billing and access to different social accounts, and you’ll also be able to remove invited users as required.

What plans can access Teams?

Both Pro and Agency plans will have access to Teams collaboration tools. If you’re on a Solo or Growth Plan and would like access to Teams, you can upgrade to a new plan here.

What roles are available in Teams?

Currently, we offer two roles within the team:
Owner: It’s a workspace owner, the person who has created the workspace and is responsible for the subscription plan.
Member: A member is a person who has been invited to the workspace to collaborate.
Members of the team can enjoy all the Flick products in the same way as the Owner of the workspace, however, there are permissions limitations attached to the member role. Find below the actions that members are not allowed:
  • Access and manage subscriptions and invoices
  • Invite other members to the workspace
  • Remove members from the workspace
  • Edit workspace name
  • Inviting users into your Workspace
  • Easily invite team members to your workspace to start collaborating and managing your connected accounts. You can send invitations to new users and those who already have a Flick account.
You can invite team members from the teams and users area of your settings.

How to invite people into your Teams

Step One:
Click on ‘Invite new member’ from the team profile to open the invitation center.
invite team members flick

Step Two:

Enter the email address of the person, you wish to invite to your Workspace. If you’re adding multiple users at once, simply click ‘+ Add Another’ to add up to 8 users (Pro plan users can add up to 4).
*note: If adding someone who already has a Flick account, make sure you send the email to the same address they signed up with.

Inviting an existing user into Flick

When an existing user is invited into your workspace, they’ll receive an email to join your team. Once the user accepts, they’ll be able to toggle between their own and shared workspaces.
multiple social channels

Inviting new users into Flick

Once you’ve invited a new user into your workspace, they’ll receive an email to join your team. Once the user accepts, they’ll be prompted to create a free Flick account in order to access your workspace.
new user login for flick

Removing users from your team

At any time you can remove a team member by heading back to the team’s profile and clicking the bin icon next to the user you wish to remove.
By removing a user, the team member will lose access to the workspace and all related socials linked to your workspace.
We can’t wait for you to try Teams out and hear what you think! We’re thrilled to be part of your full social media planning process and will be releasing new features soon to help you with ALL social media platforms. Be sure to start your free 7-day free trial with us to get started and see why Flick is the most reliable analytics and scheduler on the market.

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What plans can access Teams?

What roles are available in Teams?

How to invite people into your Teams

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