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Take the guesswork out of Instagram.

Make data-driven decisions about your hashtags, content and account.

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Let Flick connect the dots for you.

Which individual hashtags are working best.

When you should post to maximise reach.

What content is driving engagement and growth.

How well your account is performing.

Who your account is really attracting.

Key metrics turned into actionable insights.

Hashtag insights

Improve your hashtag performance on autopilot.

Actionable insights on what hashtags you should continue or stop using.
View and rank hashtags by performance over time.
See the position your post has ranked in the hashtag feed.

Content Performance

Increase your engagement and conversion rates.

Review and compare your Instagram posts to discover what works best for you.
See the hashtags each post has ranked on.
Use insights to guide your content strategy and increase engagement.

Account overview

Track historical data you can't access on Instagram.

See how your Instagram account is performing overall.
Keep on top of the metrics that define your account's performance.
Track your follower growth, growth rate, and profile views over time

audience demographics

Understand who you’re reaching and when to post.

Calculate your top posting times with easy to use data visualisation.
Discover where your followers are located. (top cities, countries, and languages spoken)
See when your audience is most active on Instagram.

No-nonsense analytics to maximise your performance.

Make data-driven decisions about your Instagram account, content, and hashtags.

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