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Customer Stories

Trusted by 11,000+ Brands, Creators & Marketers.

Julia Cohen

Social Media Manager

I use Flick daily at work. It’s helped me understand how to use hashtags properly so I can spend more time creating content. Our posts have been reaching about 15-30% more people since optimising hashtags.

Karim Roland

Founder @Barbell_marketing

Flick is by far the best tool for improving your hashtag strategy. Not only is it superbly accurate but it also saves us a lot of time! We've been able to help our followers find hashtags they can rank on, for free!

Benjamin Brandon

Instagram Consultant

Flick allows my team and I to isolate the most relevant hashtags to obtain the most reach on our posts. Our clients love the results and we love how much time this app saves us. Game. Changer.

Improve your strategy with quality data.

Reliable and actionable metrics behind every hashtag.

Basic Hashtag METRICS

Average Likes

The average number of likes received on the content ranking in a hashtag's ‘top posts’ section. 

Available on all plans

Media Count

The total number of posts made using a specific hashtag.

Available on all plans

Average Comments

The average number of comments received on the content ranking in a hashtag's ‘top posts’ section. 

Available on all plans


Daily Posts

The average number of daily posts made in to a specific hashtag.

Available on Growth plan

Competition Score

The number of people you’ll be competing against on a specific hashtag.

Available on Growth plan

Potential Reach Score

The number of people you’re likely to reach if you rank on a specific hashtag.

Available on Growth plan


Rank Ratio

The percentage of times you rank in the top 100 posts when you use this hashtag.

Requires Analytics Pro add-on

Avg. Best Rank

The highest position your post ranked on the hashtag, averaged across all the times you've used it.

Requires Analytics Pro add-on

Efficiency Score

Score out of 100 that takes into consideration the hashtag's size, where you rank on it, and the frequency that you rank on it.

Requires Analytics Pro add-on

Times Used

The number of times you have used the hashtag.

Requires Analytics Pro add-on

Times Ranked

The number of unique posts that have ranked on the hashtag.

Requires Analytics Pro add-on

Frequently asked questions.

Is this safe for my account?

Flick only uses Instagram's official business account API. We do not support or endorse any black-hat Instagram tactics.

How often is data updated?

All hashtag data is updated once per day, giving you the best chance of getting results.

How do i download the mobile app?

Search 'Flick Hashtags' on the iOS or Android app store.

Why am I asked to log in with Facebook?

Although you can access Flick without logging in with Facebook, we can provide personalized suggestions if you do.